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It's hard to believe that the cartoon series Justice League is approaching it's 15th anniversary this year. 15 long years since I first got exposed to that cartoon and fell in love with it. To me, Justice League remains far and away the best superhero cartoon ever made. Yes, everyone loves Young Justice (myself included), but for me Justice League will always be number one, and not just because I grew up with it either. It's a legitimately great show, and so to celebrate it's 15th birthday a few months early, here's my Top 10 lists for the best episodes for Season 1, and the best episodes for Season 2. Enjoy!

Warning: In the very unlikely event that you have never watched this cartoon, this blog absolutely has spoilers. You've been warned.

Season 1 Top 10

10. Metamorphosis

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The Story: When corrupt businessman Simon Stagg catches wind of his daughter's relationship with employee Rex Mason, he takes his anger out on Mason by making him the unwitting test-subject for his "Project Metamorpho". Transformed into a shapeshifting superhuman, Mason is then manipulated by Stagg into attacking his old friend Green Lantern.

Why It's #10: While this episode was definitely a bit corny in places compared to some other ones, Metamorpho is still a fun character with a power-set that just works great in an action-oriented cartoon. The many different ways he uses his powers is pretty impressive considering this was his only major appearance in the DCAU, and the episode also gets points for being one of many to flesh out the DCAU John Stewart as a character by giving him a friend/old war buddy. On the villain side of things, Simon Stagg's no Joker or Luthor, but he serves his purpose well enough as an amoral rich genius. After all, it's not like Luthor can always have that role. And, the pseudo-Chemo monstrosity he turns into made for a decent "final boss". I didn't even mind the shameless King Kong reference either.

Best Part: Metamorpho's fight with John Stewart and company that kick-starts Part II stands out as the best of the many fight scenes, though Metamorpho's heroic sacrifice/Disney Death was also good.

9. Injustice For All

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The Story: After contracting Kryptonite-induced cancer, Luthor decides to check off the most important item on his bucket list: kill Superman and the Justice League. To this end, he puts together his own team of supervillains in the Injustice Gang.

Why it's #9: While not the only "league of villains" type episode the show gave us, this one was fun enough, mostly for the presences of the honorable Ultra-Humanite and the always fun Mark Hamill Joker. The fight scenes were solid, and it's also a rare case of an episode where the whole League is present, which makes the fight scenes even better. Seeing Batman be awesome even when captive is also pretty fun, as is Luthor's growing frustrations with his team's incompetence. And, of course, Joker's Daffy Duck reference is also fun. Really, this is an episode that is actually at it's best when it's being funny or just plain fun. It's not a terribly deep or powerful story the way some other ones were, but it doesn't fail where sheer entertainment is concerned.

Best Part: Joker's absolutely awesome laugh at the end of Part I is not only the highlight of Part I, but also the best of the many laughs Mark Hamill Joker has done by far. Best Part II moment is probably Batman turning the tables on Joker, and also noting that he could have escaped at any time, but just chose not to because he found it more fun to mess with the Injustice Gang.

8. The Brave and the Bold

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The Story: After being framed for theft, Flash investigates with Green Lantern into who the real culprit is, and ends up running afoul of the mad primate scientist Gorilla Grodd, who plans to destroy Gorilla City for rejecting his rule.

Why it's #8: Yes, Flash not being able to catch a speeding truck is really, really, stupid, but other than that low moment this was a fun episode. Getting to see Flash shine and prove himself is always fun, and this was one of many episodes to do just that. It also had some good moments for other characters too, such as the beginning of the Batman/Wonder Woman romance, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman stopping the missiles from destroying Gorilla City, and on the villain side Grodd at his most sinister as he tries to wipe out his own species purely out of spite. That's a level of sheer evil that Grodd lacked in all subsequent appearances, and so his villainy stands out a bit more here. Also, the Planet of the Apes reference is of course appreciated, as is Flash pointing out to a skeptical Green Lantern that, in the world they live in, a talking gorilla's not all that hard to find believable.

Best Part: Flash turning the tables on Grodd. In his own words, "he outsmarted a super-genius". For a close second, Wonder Woman kissing Batman on the cheek.

7. Secret Origins

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The Story: An alien invasion brings together a certain seven superheroes who will go on to become the Justice League.

Why it's #7: As the three-parter that started it all, I would have been remiss to not include this one on my Top 10 somewhere. Yes, some of the dialogue is a bit clunkier than the dialogue in subsequent episodes, and no, this is not the best episode ever. But, as far as series premieres go, this three-parter is very, very, good. No show worth it's salt has it's best episode as the very first, and this is a series premiere that is still leaps and bounds better than a great many other ones to come since (including, frankly, all of the series premieres for the CW shows except for maybe Flash). The fun of seeing the Justice League come together for the first time, the dark and tragic flashback to the war on Mars that saw the eradication of J'onn's species, and the Justice League turning the tables on the heliophobic invaders are all highlights. And of course, Batman gets to be the one to save the day. But that's okay, because Batman is awesome.

Best Part: Why, the Justice League officially forming of course!

6. In Blackest Night

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The Story: John Stewart is accused of destroying a planet, and is put on trial. Though even John himself believes he is guilty, his friends suspect a railroad job and search for the truth. Meanwhile, John's jailers the Manhunters have plans of their own.

Why it's #6: Part of why DCAU John Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern of all time is because of how much the show went out of it's way to humanize him, and flesh him out as a character. In just this episode alone we get to see John's neighborhood where he grew up, have him meet his old history teacher, and see a belief in accountability so strong he was willing to die for it. And of course, Phil LaMarr deserves praise for really making the role his own. This wasn't the only episode to build John Stewart's character, but it was one of the first, and also one of the best.

Besides all of that, the action scenes were fun enough (though perhaps with a bit too much of the Superman nerfing that was sadly common throughout Season 1). The evil lawyer joke that comes up when Flash offers to be Green Lantern's is hilarious, and just getting to see an episode that touches on the Green Lantern corner of the DCU (albeit a corner far less interesting pre-Geoff Johns), is fun.

Best Part: John getting to utter the Green Lantern oath is pretty epic, but I find myself even more drawn to the scene of Hawkgirl beating the ever-loving snot out of a few Green Lanterns in a pretty awesome bar fight.

5. The Enemy Below

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The Story: When Aquaman's annoyance with the surface world's disregard for the seas becomes too much, he attempts to air his grievances, but an attempt on his life only serves to escalate the tensions, as does the takeover by his ambitious brother Orm.

Why it's #5: This episode introduced the DCAU's very Namor-esque take on Aquaman, and he's a good character. Besides that, it also introduced their Deadshot, a fun villain who gives both a good chase scene in Part I and also some nice villainous comic relief. I also love the redesign they gave him and find myself wishing more of the DCAU's characters had gotten similar treatment. The conflict with Orm is also a solid enough one, Orm being a sufficiently despicable villain that his death at the end is quite satisfying, especially the way in which it is done. And really, I can appreciate any DC production that does Aquaman right and makes him someone to be taken seriously instead of a joke character.

Best Part: No surprise here; Aquaman's sacrificing his own hand to save his infant son is the sort of powerful and emotional moment you seldom get in your average kid's cartoon. It's also part of why this episode breaks onto the Top 5.

4. A Knight of Shadows

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The Story: After a brief look at how Jason Blood came to be bonded to Etrigan the Demon, we flash-forward to the present where he continues to fight Morgaine Le Fay and frustrate her efforts to get the Philosopher's Stone, fighting alongside the Justice League in the process. For her part, Le Fay soon gets an ally of her own in Martian Manhunter after hi-jacking his mind.

Why It's #4: Much like how the use of Greek Mythology went over well with me for Paradise Lost (more on that later), so too does the usage of Arthurian Legend here resonate with me and make the episode stand out. Etrigan also makes for a fun anti-hero, and his presence is an uncommon example of a superhero other than the big 7 showing up in the Pre-Unlimited years. The fight scene that pits him, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Flash against a legion of Morgaine's minions is one of the best fight scenes in the entire first season, particularly the way it ends. On the comedic side of things, the Hugh Hefner parody was fun, including how he comes on to Wonder Woman.

But, this episode isn't all slinging spells and cracking jokes at Hugh Hefner's expense. It's also a good showing for Martian Manhunter, as he struggles to resist the urge to give into Morgaine Le Fay's intoxicating promise to bring back his lost family. J'onn in the DCAU is a tragic figure, and this episode reminds us of that very well. But, in the end he's able to make the right choice, in a pretty satisfying moment.

Best Part: Etrigan's fight with Martian Manhunter, especially the "all honey and lies" line.

3. Paradise Lost

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The Story: Upon returning to Themyscira to make peace with her mother for running off, Wonder Woman finds her mother and all of the other Amazons turned to stone by Felix Faust, who demands that Wonder Woman help him retrieve a few mystic artifacts with which he intends to bring the "I can't believe it's not Satan" Hades to Earth.

Why It's #3: It's generally hard to go wrong with Greek mythology, and this episode gets points largely just for that. True, it's take on Greek mythology is a far cry from the classical stuff, but so is God of War, and no one objects to that. Honestly, the fresh spin on it is part of the fun, and it's also just a good showing for Wonder Woman in general. Her exile at the end of the episode also gives it valid long-term consequences, making it more than just another standalone adventure.

All of the fight scenes are excellent, with of course Wonder Woman's fight with Superman in Part 1 and Hades kicking ass in Part 2 being the standouts. And really, John Rhys-Davies as Hades is just pitch perfect casting, as for that matter is Robert Englund of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame as Felix Faust. And I do love Hades' redesign. Pity that wicked awesome helmet is so quickly abandoned.

Best Part: Besides the fight scenes, the Wonder Woman narrated flashback to Hades' betrayal of the Olympians and banishment into Tartarus by Zeus is a pretty cool moment. The visual of Hades falling into a very intricately designed hell in particular stands out. Yet another highlight is this:

Wonder Woman: It's like some kind of temple...

Superman: Yes, for people who worship their credit cards

2. The Savage Time

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The Story: When the Justice League discovers that Earth is now under the rule of a Modern Nazi regime led by Vandal Savage, they go back in time to World War II to keep Savage from winning it and forever altering the course of world history.

Why it's #2: Simply put, you just cannot go wrong with showing superheroes beating the tar out of Nazis. Comic books in general took off because of World War II, and it's really become ingrained into the culture and history of superheroes. That, and as a Jewish guy I am legally required to enjoy seeing Nazis getting their asses kicked. So, that alone is reason for enjoying this epic three-parter. Besides that, it's fun getting to see the various Justice League members split up and each tackle a different part of the Nazi threat, also teaming up with various WWII heroes along the way, such as Sergeant Rock, Easy Company, the Blackhawks, and everyone's favorite Mansel-In-Distress Steve Trevor. That last one actually ends on a bittersweet note, which actually enhances the episode even more. A lot of cheer-worthy action moments are sprinkled throughout this three-parter, and it also deserves points for introducing to the DCAU Vandal Savage, who I like far more here than in Young Justice, the comics, and especially Legends of Tomorrow.

Also, seeing the more militaristic anti-hero Batman as leader of the resistance is pretty cool, and to a certain extent I wouldn't have minded seeing more action on his end of things. The Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson cameos as members of his resistance was also a cool touch.

Best Part: Superman's happy embrace of Batman at the end of the adventure, complete with Batman's "am I missing something?"

1. Legends

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The Story: During a battle with a Luthor-controlled robot, the Justice League sans Trinity end up in the idyllic, 1960s-esque Seaboard City, a place protected by John Stewart's old comic book heroes the Justice Guild of America. The two teams have an impromptu team up against the JGA's arch-enemies the Injustice Guild, but all in that world is not what it seems...

Why It's #1: Many of the people who actually worked on the show cited this as their favorite Season 1 episode, and with good reason: it's awesome. Simultaneously a love-letter to the more hunky-dory days of superheroes but also a tragic deconstruction, this episode works in large part because of the fun in seeing the dichotomy between the goofy-but-endearing Justice Guild superheroes, and the more serious and "modern" Justice League superheroes and how they interact and work together. That it's (again), a love-letter to old school superhero comics gives the episode a sense of fun and lightness that only makes it all the more tragic when the truth about the Guild and their world is revealed. The slow build-up to the reveal and all of the different hints that the world is not what it seems make the pay-off of the reveal that much better (more on that later).

The dedication to Gardner Fox at the end is an appreciated gesture, and the various references to the Justice Society and Adam West Batman show are also fun. Getting to learn a bit about John Stewart's childhood before he became Green Lantern is also nice, and it's hard not to feel his pain at the end when he has to see the living embodiments of his heroes fade away forever.

Best Part: A tie between the big scene where the truth about the Justice Guild's world is exposed, and how Flash's only takeaway from the entire experience is "Black Siren was a hottie" (to be fair, she was).

Season 2 Top 10

10. Secret Society

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The Story: Eager to pay the Justice League back for their previous victory over him, Grodd forms his own team of supervillains, also using his new mental powers to push the Justice League further and further into infighting and disbandment.

Why It's #10: While coming way too late in the series for the kind of story it's trying to tell (the Justice League's interpersonal woes are the sort of thing that would have been resolved earlier in their careers), this is still a good story overall. Yes, Batman knocking Sinestro out with a batarang is irredeemably stupid, but beyond that the Secret Society were well portrayed as a legitimate threat to the Justice League, and coming off as far more competent and dangerous than the Injustice Gangs. The inclusion of Clayface in particular is appreciated given the series' general lack of Batman characters, and of course the big stadium fight is cool. Though, honestly the warehouse and western town fights were also quite well done, as was Martian Manhunter using his shapeshifting powers to trick the Secret Society. For another good moment, the parody of the "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy" line between Flash and the crook he interrogates.

Best Part: "You overplayed your part, yo"

9. Hearts and Minds

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The Story: When John Stewart learns that his former teacher/old flame Katma Tui is deep in enemy territory, he goes off to the planet Kalanor to look for her, soon running afoul of Despero and his minions the Legion of the Third Eye.

Why It's #9: Two words: Keith. David. Keith David is an awesome voice actor, and him voicing Despero was a smart choice, as he really makes the villain work. The more tragic and sympathetic portrayal of Despero also helps, but had he been saddled with a generic or lousy voice actor it would have killed it. Instead, they got the perfect choice. Despero's not the only thing I love about this episode, but he's definitely a big part of it.

Besides that, the expanded role for Kilowog is also appreciated, as is this being yet another standout episode for John Stewart (again, best GL ever). I also have to say that I really loved the setting for this episode in particular as well, with the art style and sensibilities used for Kalanor reminding me equal parts of Star Wars, Samurai Jack, and even Agrabah from Aladdin. The blatant Christ/Messiah allegory towards the end I could have done without, although I will say that the Pytar speaking through Martian Manhunter and the accompanying visual was kind of cool.

Best Part: Again, Keith David. Basically, almost any of his lines.

8. Maid of Honor

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The Story: Wonder Woman befriends a jet-setting princess from Kaznia engaged to be married to...Vandal Savage, still alive despite his apparent death in World War II, and still bent on world domination.

Why It's #8: The show people once referred to this episode as being a sort of love-letter to James Bond and it is very apparent in everything from the music to the plot to the dialogue and characters. That's not necessarily a bad thing either, considering this episode is frankly better than all but the best Bond films. Besides being a good episode for Wonder Woman in particular, I have to admit that the Princess Audrey character actually works. In lesser hands the character would have failed spectacularly and ruined the episode for any one of a number of reasons. But, thanks to Dwayne McDuffie's expert hand, the character is just the right balance of spoiled but sweet, fun loving, and genuinely concerned for her people's well-being that she actually works. So, praise to that.

The fight scene on the space station is obviously quite fun, and Vandal Savage's return in general is welcome. As I've already stated, this is my favorite take on Vandal Savage by far, and while this is technically the "least good" of his three appearances, it is by no means a bad episode.

And, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince get to dance. That's nice.

Best Part: Flash's epic mass-speed blitz of revenge against the Kaznian goons. I honestly would have been fine with that lasting at least a few seconds longer.

7. Eclipsed

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The Story: A purple gem discovered by soldiers in the Middle East possess whoever touches it, turning them mad. Once the gem finds it's way into the Justice League's possession, Flash ends up being the only one left who can save the day.

Why It's #7: Like a certain other episode I will be covering further down, this one plays out vaguely like a horror movie; you've got your monster (the Ophidian spirits), the evil artifact (the Dark Heart), the creepy origin for said monsters, the slow build-up, and the hero running from the monster(s) in a darkened building before finally turning the tables on them. That this is yet another episode where Flash gets to distinguish himself is also praise-worthy, and the fact that he gets to save the whole planet is pretty dang cool.

However, there's also a fair bit of humor provided by Glorious Godfrey's blatantly stupid and vitriolic attacks on the League, Wonder Woman's withering scowl when Flash tries to placate her by reminding her that the Greeks "invented democracy", and of course Mophir. The ever bromantic relationship between Flash and John Stewart is also fun. It's not every day that comedy and horror can be mixed successfully into something good, but this episode delivers.

Best Part: The flashback to the Ophidian/Human war felt like something straight out of Samurai Jack or an 80s/90s fantasy novel...and I liked it.

6. Hereafter

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The Story: During a battle with the Superman Revenge Squad, the Man of Steel is believed killed by Toyman. As the world mourns his loss and the Justice League struggles to make do without him, Superman wakes up alive and powerless in a post-apocalyptic future caused by Vandal Savage.

Why It's #6: While the blatant out-of-character moment involving Lex Luthor was jarring, this episode otherwise did a great job of doing it's own spin on the classic "Death of Superman" story, with the grief of Superman's assorted friends and family being well-done. Batman's denial and confessing to Superman's grave his respect for him is a highlight, as is the shot of him watching the funeral procession from the rooftop shrouded in the shadows (itself a reference to the Death of Superman comic). The battle with the Superman Revenge Squad was fun, though Batman's being able to throw Kalibak over his head is a questionable move. Speaking of, Lobo's beatdown of Kalibak is pretty fun. I can't call myself any kind of Lobo fan, but I'm not a passionate hater either. I just kind of take him at face-value I guess. His appearance here was fun enough.

On the Superman side of things, this episode deserves props for having Superman drive a car in a way that doesn't feel stupid or ridiculous. It actually works with the context of the story. I have to admit to also loving Superman's getting to forge a sword and just having to get by in a post-apocalyptic world without powers. It's an interesting situation to put him in. Finally, the semi-redeemed and repentant Vandal Savage was also fun to see, and I love how here he has more of a sense of humor too.

Best Part: The interactions between Vandal Savage and Superman were pretty great, especially this gem:

Superman: Why didn't you contact me?

Vandal Savage: Afraid you might be holding a grudge. If you'd shut off your comm I'd never have been able to find you.

Superman: Grudge!? You tried to take over the world, twice!

Vandal Savage: In the long run, not so important. Take it from someone who knows.

5. Twilight

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The Story: Darkseid comes to Earth to solicit Superman and the Justice League's support against Braniac. Though suspicious, Superman agrees to play along, but also tasks Batman and Wonder Woman with recruiting Orion of New Genesis to help out. As they go to New Genesis, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl take the fight to Braniac.

Why It's #5: Darkseid is a badass villain, and this is his episode. Not only does the voice actor do a great job with the lines, but said lines are also awesome, and in all this just feels like a very good turn for DCAU Darkseid. The New Gods in general are a welcome presence in this episode, even if only a select few of them get any real attention. Forager getting to shine is fun, and I also have to admit to being amused by Wonder Woman's assessment of Lightray after he spanks her. And of course, Ron Perlman as Orion is good casting.

The battle between Braniac's forces and those of Apokolips is pretty good too, though the big brawl inside Braniac's asteroid is in some ways even better. The whole feel of the asteroid brings to mind Star Wars to a certain extent, but as an unabashed Star Wars fan I don't mind that. Also, this episode reestablishes repeatedly that Batman is the sane and rational member of the team, and that's one more thing I appreciate. Especially this:

"Next time I let Superman take charge, just hit me, real hard!"

Best Part: Come on. We all knew only this could be the best part...

4. Wild Card

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The Story: Joker plants a series of bombs throughout Las Vegas and tasks the Justice League with disarming them all before time runs out. To keep them busy, he also sics his new team the Royal Flush Gang on them.

Why It's #4: Besides the ever entertaining presence of Mark Hamill's Joker, this episode also gets points for bringing back Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn, and functioning as a sort of "crossover" with the Teen Titans cartoon due to the Royal Flush Gang's members all sharing a voice actor with one of the Titans. The race against the clock also adds to the tension and in all, this feels like exactly the sort of crazy, off-the-rails adventure that the Joker is meant to provide. Things then take a turn for the surreal (and awesome) when Ace takes center-stage, using her powers to vegetate everyone before Batman turns the tables. Her takedown of Joker is awesome too.

On the more romantic side of things, John and Hawkgirl's love story finally reaches it's peak, and we even get to see Hawkgirl with her helmet off (finally!) Given what is destined to come later, it also adds a bittersweet touch to this episode.

Best Part: Joker's running commentary is hilarious, and a major part of the reason why this episode ranks so high (not that the other reasons mentioned above are inconsequential mind you). My very favorite is this: "Will true love prevail? (beat) NOT ON MY SHOW!"

3. Only a Dream

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The Story: When nobody criminal John Dee gets powers of ESP, he becomes the sadistic supervillain Doctor Destiny and embarks on a mission to destroy the Justice League by plunging them into their worst nightmares.

Why It's #3: Like Eclipsed mentioned above, this episode plays out like a horror movie, and it's very well done. More so than many other episodes, this one shows just how much Justice League could push the boundaries for a kid's show given what Dee ends up doing to his own wife for her completely understandable rejection of him. That Batman is the one to save the day not only fits the story (Dee is, after all, most hateful towards the Leaguers with powers), but it's also just a moment of pure Batman badassery that does my Batman-fan heart proud. But, the episode also works because, it simultaneously shows how awesome Batman is, but also that he very much has limits same as any mortal man, and is struggling to keep going throughout Part II. It's a very good showing for Martian Manhunter too given that he's the one who saves Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash from their nightmares. Superman getting to punch Doctor Destiny right in the jaw while in GL's nightmare is a particular highlight there.

Best Part: The ending, where it's revealed that Dee is now catatonic, cursed to forever hum Frere Jacques over and over again...

2. Starcrossed

No Caption Provided

The Story: The arrival of the Thanagarians to Earth exposes Hawkgirl as a spy for her people, and in the ensuing conflict the entire Justice League is shaken to the core, and the entire Earth threatened by a weapon capable of destroying it.

Why It's #2: I will likely get extreme flak for not having this as number one. Certainly it comes close. There are so many cheer-worthy, cathartic, and emotionally powerful moments in this three-parter that it is very much the pre-Unlimited series ending on a high note. Honestly, this finale actually packs far more of an emotional punch than the JLU finale "Destroyer", which was fun on it's own merits but lacking the sheer weight of this story. It affected every member of the Justice League very deeply, left wounds not easily healed, and ended on a bittersweet note that works perfectly. It is also noteworthy for being the last appearance of Alfred in the DCAU excluding comic book appearances, the one time Batman and Wonder Woman actually kiss (which is kind of unfortunate really...), and stealing the "Bat scene" from Batman: Year One before even Batman Begins got a chance to!

Best Part: John Stewart's "you can kiss my axe!" followed by his epic beatdown of Hro Talak. The batcave fight is also cheer-worthy, as are the numerous burns that the League (and Alfred!) get in on the Thanagarians ("I've asked Master Bruce to refrain from leaving trash in the yard").

1. A Better World

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The Story: In an alternate world, a President Lex Luthor murders the Flash and drives the Earth to the verge of a third World War, prompting Superman to incinerate him and then become a fascist oppressor over the Earth. When he and his team learn of the existence of the Justice League, they decide to go over and "enlighten them".

Why It's #1: Like Starcrossed, this episode had major, major long-term consequences for the DCAU, considering it formed the impetus of the entire Cadmus Arc from Justice League Unlimited, and gave both the Justice League and their government enemies something to be paranoid about for quite a while. Beyond that, the Justice Lords are just plain cool as villains, having awesome costumes, a level of moral complexity the average supervillain lacks, and even getting to act vaguely like their heroic counterparts in one of the best fight scenes in the series that sees them tackling the monstrous Doomsday. And yes, Justice Lord Superman lobotomizing Doomsday with heat vision is awesome.

Also, when one considers the similarities between this episode and the video game Injustice Gods Among Us (which I adore), it's little surprise that I have such a fondness for this two-parter. The big throwdown between the Justice League and the Justice Lords is a fun scene that's only drawback is not going on longer. But, what we get is still pretty cool. Finally, I love how much this episode establishes Flash as the glue that holds the Justice League together, and how his humor and optimism and compassion are what keeps his team grounded and from turning into authoritarian oppressors. In all, the absolute winner not just of Season 2, but of the pre-Unlimited Justice League series in general.

Best Part: The philosophical battle between the Batmen that embodies the entire moral conflict between their two teams.

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This is a great list, love your analysis and feel much the same way. Disagree with Namor-esque Aquaman. He acted pretty much the same way in Superman TAS, and has acted similar in comics.

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@ecstaticgrace: Thank you. I'm proud of it myself.

Wait till you see the Top 10 for Season 2 :)

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Glad Savage Time is ranked so high.

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@shroudofsorrow: Let me know when you make season 2, I look forward to your analysis.

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@ecstaticgrace: So, did you ever get a good look at my Top 10 for Season 2?

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@shroudofsorrow: I read some of it that first day you edited and finished it off today. Really great list. Think I'm more of a fan of Season 1 though.

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@ecstaticgrace: Hm. Personally, I think most of the absolute best episodes were from Season 2, but to each his own.

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Really great write up! I have to say I preferred Season 2 as well, but the whole series was just awesome.

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