Tim Burton's Justice League of America (fancast by me) would you watch it?

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Poll: Tim Burton's Justice League of America (fancast by me) would you watch it? (7 votes)

Hell yeah! 43%
God no! 71%
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The Justice League film released in 1993 directed by Tim Burton, staring:

Nicolas Cage as Superman: from the failed Superman Lives film.

Lisa Marie as Wonderwoman: Tim Burton's partner back then, I was gonna cast Helena Bonham Carter but since they hadn't even met, I'm putting the girl Tim Burton put in every movie at the time.

Michael Keaton as Batman: Reprising his role from Batman and Batman returns for the 3rd time.

Bill Pullman as Green Lantern: He was really big in the 90's (specially in Independence Day with his kickass speech), thought he totally fit the part.

Johnny Depp as Aquaman: I was originally gonna put Patrick Swayze in the role, but then I thought he'd throw in Johnny Depp in there somewhere. So why not as the emo kid version of the king of atlantis?

Vincent Price voicing Martian Manhunter: J'onn Jo'nzz would be complete CGI and look kind of like the martians from Mars Attacks. And I thought his voice could be done by Vincent Price since he has such a unique voice (a year before he died seems a little rushed though)

Keanu Reeves as Flash: This was tough, John Wesley Shipp was the easy way to go. But I decided to cast another young teenage looking actor, and Keanu Reeves was huge in the 90's. I just did this because I think it's the direction they're going with Ezra Miller as well. I wonder if teenage girls would be devided on team aquaman or team flash?

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