The OFFICIAL Ages of The Members of The Justice League Founders

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Here's how I would assign the official ages if given control by DC:

Superman would have begun his career at age 30 (per the Richard Donner movie, as well as reinforcing the Christological connection to the start of Jesus' ministry), and would perpetually be portrayed in the present as being 38 (established, but not quite pushing middle age).

Lois Lane would have her role reversed with Jimmy Olsen slightly to make him closer to Clark's contemporary and her having been the college intern at the Daily Planet when they first met. Thus Lois would have been 19 when Superman first came to Metropolis and Jimmy 21, with them being 27 and 29 in the present, respectively. After all, being Superman means he could have any* woman he want; what reason would he have to rob the grave?

Batman would be approximately the same age as Superman, and both would have begun their superhero careers independently of one another at the same time.

Wonder Woman would be of indeterminate age, having lived on Thermyscira for decades or even centuries before coming to the world of man, having ceased to age the moment she became post-pubescent.

Most other male members of the Justice League, such as Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Aquaman, would be in their mid-thirties (for these specific examples, 36, 35, and 32, respectively), having begun their careers just slightly after Superman's public debut.

Adult female characters would have had shorter careers, only coming onto the superhero scene in the last year or so in comic-book-time, so as to keep them in their early twenties. Mera, for example, would be 24 in the present, and Power Girl and Huntress both 23.

Nearly all teen character, such as Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Wally West, Roy Harper, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy, would be 19 in the present. Supergirl would be an exception at 16.

*Well, not any woman.

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#52 Posted by OutlawRenegade (1394 posts) - - Show Bio

@rideaspacecowboy: what happens when you turn 60? Do you want superman to then become 90 because of you, lol?

I outgrew the Teen Titans years ago, but I do not want to change their ages.

I prefer my justice league members between 25 and 35. They're at their physical primes, attractive, and more likely to conflict. Plus they have room to grow. And that number is never going to change for me. I do not want Superman to be my dad's age and Jimmy Olsen is lame. I would rather Superman be my surrogate. I live a normal life every day already. :-/

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Don't see how you could call any of that "offical"

plus NO where in Aquaman issue 8 does it say that he was 18 when his father died.

However in Aquaman issue 0, during a flash back 6 years ago, Vulko explains to Arthur that he has been exiled from Atlantis for 10 years. He was exiled after he suggested that Orm (who was 12yrs old at the time) had killed Queen Atlanna

So if we run through this again

  1. a 12 years old Orm allegedly killed Arthur's mother, making him the King of Atlanis at 12 years old
  2. Vulko was the one who made the alleged claims and he was then expelled by Orm
  3. Orm was 12 years old when he exiled Vulko. Vulko has been exiled for 10 years (12 + 10 = 22)
  4. Aquaman Issue 0 is a flashback issue. The flash back happened 6 years ago. (12 +10+ 6= 28)
  5. Aquaman is Orms older brother. So that means Aquaman has to be 28 and up.
  6. The reason I say 28 and up is because Orm could be younger than Arthur by only a few months.

so Aquaman must be at least 28-30 years old.

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#54 Edited by Captain13 (4773 posts) - - Show Bio

Year One is not in continuity anymore, but Zero Year took place 5 years ago when Bruce was 25 (see Batman 24), so Bruce is now officially 30 years old.

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#56 Edited by CrazyScarecrow (2312 posts) - - Show Bio

@rideaspacecowboy: I agree with you. That's why I always found characters like Jimmy Olsen and Robin, just younger sidekick characters, so fun and relatable.

Nice work at finding the ages. Or at least trying too find out the ages.

I don't know how I feel about Cyborg being so close in age with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Really I don't like thinking about Nightwing also being the same age as them. It's just so weird. To me Wonder Woman and Aquaman should be much older. They are now the same age as Titan characters. The Titan characters are suppose to be the characters that are representing the resentment of the big named heroes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Its stuff like that just makes me wish the New 52 was over with and things can go back to way they are suppose to be.

Superman's, Green Lantern's, and Flash's age doesn't bother me at all for the New 52. Since they are still young and I guess kinda new (at least compared the old continuity) it would seem good to me.

I'm bothered by Batman's age since I still feel like he is still way to young to have gone through that many Robins yet I want him to be younger cuz I don't like the idea of him being the first hero around. I always had the idea that Superman and Batman debuted at the same time and both just happening to be the opposites. Superman being the light while Batman being the dark.

Also wasn't Wonder Woman and Donna Troy about the same age before the New 52. I know Donna was operating well before Wonder Woman.

I don't know even if that is so it still messes with how I view Wonder Woman.

Also what do you guys think about the other DC heroes?

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#57 Posted by Batman3000 (5652 posts) - - Show Bio

I find it fitting that Bruce is the oldest. He always seemed like the wisest on the team I guess?

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#58 Posted by kid Apollo (961 posts) - - Show Bio

its about time someone tried to nail this down, nice work.

im totally splitting hairs here but some of the characters could be 1-2 years younger as my brother was 17 when he graduated from high school and i was 16 (skipped kinder garden)

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#59 Posted by BarryHasFallen (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Feel free to correct me, but when i read Flashpoint, in a part, Thomas Wayne (bruce's dad) say's: "a meteor landed around the time Martha was pregnant with bruce"

Thus means Batman is around 2-3 years younger than Superman, or does this only happen because Flash changed the world?

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