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What if the Justice League members were all turned into a monster, what would they be?

With the exception of Batman and Green Arrow (although I do still have alternate versions of them) here is my list.

Superman - Vampire, one draws strength from the sun, the other id weakened by it.

Batman - Demon Hunter, normal humans with exceptional skills.

Wonder Woman - Werewolf, one is named after the moon, the other howls at it.

Green Lantern - Ghost (either that or someone who can control ghosts in the same way as the green light is used, or maybe even a magician)

Martian Manhunter - Space Invader (not much change as alienscan be seen as monsters)

Green Arrow - Dragon Slayer

Black Canary - Siren

Hawkman - Fallen Angel

Aquaman - Gill-Monster (aquatic creature)

Flash - Speed Demon?

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The one I personally like is Black Canary to Siren and Flash as Speed Demon.

My idea for some of them is

WW - Wonder Witch

AM - Dweller of the Depths

Id make Superman the hunter whose going after Bruce Wayne a 18th Century Vampire who instead of feeding on humans protects them by feeding on bats. Superman uses solar powered weaponry to hunt Vamps.

Id simply call Jonn Manhunter, hed the equivalent of what Aliens are in AvP combined with Predators but can also shapeshifter.

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