The Current Justice League-A Miss Opportunity

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I haven't been following the current Justice League run but from what I do know of the team is that it's been having some serious roster issues.  My biggest wish was that DC took advantage of the opportunity at the time at apply a long foreshadowed but never capitalized upon idea in the history of the Justice League. The passing of the torch. 
With Wonder Woman in a different dimensions (or w.e it is that she's got herself into),Batman busy with his new company, and Superman off...well we're not quite sure why he hasn't returned to the league with the Kryptonian war now over, it has fallen upon many of the newer generation of heroes to fill the ranks of the Justice League. So why not doing this properly? They have all the appropriate characters to make this League a JLA for the next generation.
The Next Generation? 

-Flash: Wally West is retaining his own role as the Flash despite Barry Allen also being active and he isn't being used in any comics to my knowledge. And him being close friends with Dick it comes as a surprise that he wouldn't be on the team to support his best friend. 

-Superman: Supergirl is already on the team though I did like the idea of Mon-El fulfilling the role of Superman

 -Batman and Wonder Woman: Dick and Donna are already members of the league so it only makes sense for them to draw on additional members of the Titans.  

-Green Lantern: I understand Jade is currently a member of the but I would be really happy if Kyle was given a shot at operating on the league even if it means working alongside two of his ex-girlfriends (the dramatic/comedic writing here could be solid gold). 
My point is none of these characters who aren't already members of the League are heavily involved in a particular storyline (Kyle maybe being the one exception but I think they can give him some creative leeway) meaning they are free to use. instead we have Jesse Quick who is pulling double duty with the JSA and Congorilla and Starman. I'm not against pulling more obscure characters into mainstream titles but I really wished DC saw the absence of their "Big Three" as an opportunity to try something amazing. 

So Close! How could they not see it?! 
So Close! How could they not see it?! 
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Jesse isn't in the JSA anymore.

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I think I'm one of the few people who actually supported the idea of having Mon-el stay on board with the jla to fill the superman void. Again, maybe it was JUST me but I liked his design and everything about him screamed fresh and original.. he'd just been released from the phantom zone only to have been sent back in after such a short amount of time. And yea. The roster has been inconsistent but that hasn't stopped me from picking up every issue since the start of the new line-up. I read in the hopes that maybe after this run, people might take these b-listers more seriously under Robinsons pen...

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