New Justice League and 4th/5th World Concept (My Idea)

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This will actually go over a few other subjects as well but it will still fit.

I believe DC Comics should have a multiversal destroying event again (yes I know it seems as though DC has them every few years). This however to me should be the last one and it should include the 4th and 5th worlds being in existence.

Also instead of having 52 different universes... Just have ONE INFINITE ONE!!! (Yes this means includes bringing back your WildStorm and giving Vertigo it's respect and shown interacting with DC superhero's and villains)

The Original Seven (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash "Barry Allen", Green Lantern "Hal Jordan", Martian Manhunter, Aquaman) should all become gods and patrol and protect the 4th and 5th worlds. Their major villains (ex. Doomsday, General Zod, Cheetah, Lex Luthor, The Joker, etc.) should also be in these worlds as well along with the New Gods and Old Gods of the 4th world and the new gods of the 5th world.

Also we should be dealing with outside the one infinite universe when dealing with this new Justice League... So we should be seeing The Endless, Michael & Lucifer, The Presence, The Sepctre, and all of the other cosmic beings and realms that exist outside of the current multiverse (including the monitors and the overseer).

What does that mean for the earth and the universe.... We get a new justice league, as well as new protectors and villains of cities like Gotham, Mertropolis, Coastal City, Keystone City, etc. Also with that being said include more cities around the United States and around the world (especially with Justice League International) speaking of which...

There should only be 4 Justice League Groups: Justice League Gods or Justice Lords (Which is ONLY the SEVEN and protects the 4th world, 5th world, and beyond), The Justice League (Which Protects against universal threats and major threats against earth), The JLA (Which protects the United States as well as sometimes the world and has different branches), and Justice League International/United (Which protects against international villains and sometimes the world)....

But I figured with the big seven gone and in their own world it could give some of the others more shine... Such as the other members of the bat family, supergirl and steel, as well as others including giving us Wally West back as a flash as well and giving John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner chances to have shine.

DC has this big roster but only stays safe....

So what do you think of my idea.... I also have ideas for certain characters as well (like Harley Quinn possibly becoming a better joker, Nightwing taking over Batman Inc. etc. etc.) So if you have any input or questions about my idea let me know...

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