My Top 5 Favourite Fight Scenes from Justice League/Unlimited

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The Justice League Unlimited cartoon was a key reason for me getting into comics so I thought I'd give it some homage by giving my five favourite battles of the series. Believe me, this wasn't an easy task and I may question my choices in a while when I look over the list but, as of now, here are my top brawls of the show. It should also be noted that these are my top brawls so there will be some which might be here or not be here if you were to make your own list (I haven't included Superman's final confrontation with Darkseid which could prove a bit controversial so let's just get that out of the way).

5.) Green Arrow vs Wildcat

Perhaps a bit of an odd choice to have on my list considering how one-sided it seems but Green Arrow's fight (if you can call it a fight) Wildcat at "Meta-Brawl". To me, this battle isn't about the actual action but the way Ollie deals with the situation. He may be getting stomped but his cockiness is just so badass, "I don't have any powers and you're still too old to knock me out"? C'mon, that's pretty cool. But defeating Wildcat in combat isn't the Emerald Archers goal, he's just showing Ted what it feels like to kill someone thereby getting him out of the fight club, showing it's not always through physicals that objectives are complete.

4.) General Eiling vs "No-Name Heroes"

Another battle where the it's the weaker side that truly wins, number four is the super-strong, super-durable brute, Wade Eiling, vs a group of non super-powered heroes. Although less of a beat down than the previous fight on the list (the video above doesn't really show the team's fighting prowess, this video is better but it's not in English), it's still quite clear that Eiling has the upper-hand for a large majority of the fight. While the scene does contain a good amount of quality action, the end of the fight is just as entertaining. The old lady's quote, "how many of us do you have to kill to keep us safe?", is one that I find pretty awesome and then those kids just par him off with the "You're the only one around here with superpowers", good stuff.

3.) Justice League vs Prison Escapees

I can't find a video of this one on YouTube but you can watch it here, the clash starts at about 8:20.

Now a fight from earlier Justice League, "Only a Dream" is one of my favourite episodes as well as being one of my favourite combat sequences. A prison break has left the supervillains Solomon Grundy, Copperhead, Luminus, Volcana and Firefly able to leave their cells and, while the police do a fair job of containing them, it's up to the Justice League to defeat them. For me, the quality of action is great and the way characters interact with other characters during the battle is nice as well. There's a variety of fighting styles as well, you've got the brute-force of Grundy, Luminus' tricks, Copperhead's more stealthy approach, etc. which keeps the scene interesting rather than just being the same thing over and over.

2.) Flash (Lex Luthor) vs Justice League

Unfortunately, the video of this battle has been removed from YouTube, it comes from the episode "The Great Brain Robbery".

Lex Luthor switches bodies with the Flash and, with his new powers, races around the Watchtower, taking out a number of heroes. I can't really talk about this one in much detail, it's up here because it's just so entertaining to watch. Wally's speed is put to good use by Luthor, we see him vibrate fast enough to shatter doors, create whirlwinds from running in circles and throw things really, really quickly along with being to quick to keep up with. Generally, awesome.

1.) Lex's Secret Society vs Grodd's Secret Society

At first place, it's the Lex vs Grodd battle in the penultimate Justice League episode "Alive". Seeing bad guys fighting other bad guys is really satisfying so I had to put this at number one, considering how well it was done. No moment is dull, there's such a wide range of things going on and spotting out some of the lesser-used villains engaged me for a while too. I don't think I've ever seen a cartoon do a purely villains confrontation on this level which is why I've put it at the top of my list.

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Awesome list.

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