Martian Manhunter VS Cyborg: Who's the best JL member?

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John was in the Justice League before the New 52, and Cyborg took his place. Who fits best in the Justice League?

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Another one of these? Ok fine, I guess. The answer is unquestionably the martian Manhunter. He (was) the most frequent and necessary member of the various versions of the team and was considered the heart and soul of the justice league post crisis. Claims of him being too similar to superman are invalid as he is the otherworldly alien that superman isn't and has many abilities that make him distinct.

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I think Martian Manhunter fits the JLA best. Look at what he brings to the table, telepathy, strength shape shifting. I also like cyborg, so why not put them both in the league and drop Aquaman.

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@nighthawk_313: I like cyborg too, but I think he fits better with the teen titans.

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MM easily.

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Martian Manhunter of course.

The change with Cyborg and J'onn single handedly messed up the DC universe so much in my opinion. Taking J'onn away from the League took away the heart and soul of the team and probably the worthiest member of a team made of the world's best heroes. Cyborg being taken away from the Titans pretty much ruined everyone who was ever a Teen Titan. Nightwing never had a Titan team, Beast Boy didn't have his best friend, the second generation of sidekicks (Tim, Superboy, Cassie, Impulse) all didn't have their mentor. Cyborg was just such a big part of the Titans.

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@darktimecop: There absence from their teams just make New 52 seem kinda like a neverending Elseworlds. I guess in a way that is pretty cool looking back on the pre- New 52 stuff as it gives us more of an appreciation for Martian Manhunter and Cyborg in their roles.

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but I do think it's good Cyborg is on the team, it means the team has a true tech expert

Batman is good with tech, but I don't think he matches Cyborg

J'onns telepathic link was always huge, but They didn't have much of a tech guy before, maybe Mr Terrific but he shouldn't be in a limited member JL

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Both are good!!!

I hope one day to see these two together in the team, it would be interesting to see the dynamics between the two and could do some stories contrasting the differences and similarities between their powers beyond what the team would be even more powerful

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Cyborg brings diversity to the team but I like MM Better

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This is a question for "MMISBetterThanCyborg" Where is he?

MM of course

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Martian Manhunter has always been there. Seems wrong not to have him on the team, but I understand. They needed a tech guy, here's Cyborg. I think Cyborg and Martian Manhunter should be a team. Like the World's Finest or the Brave and the Bold. What would their title be? Hmm...The Fast and the Furious? No, that's taken. Mean and Green? Kind of corny. I GOT IT! MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!

I'll leave it to the professionals, but that should be a thing.

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Martian Manhunter for sure. Cyborg was only introduced in the New 52 Justice League to introduce diversity (which i'm all for) but I really miss MM on the original 7

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Both of them bring something to the team. Simple as that.

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Cyborg, I think he's a better fit.
Plus John is in a very good place in the comics right now.

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I don't even like Cyborg as a JL member. I like him in TT, but he seems so out of place in JL.

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MM is a better character than Cyborg,but the Justice League needed a "Tech Guy",so Cyborg is that guy....

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I like both equally, so...

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MM. Replace Cyborg with Mr.Terrific, Jaime Reyes, and kick Batman off too. Replace him with Animal Man.

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I always find MM super boring. If not Cyborg there are about 20 other heroes I'd replace him with

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