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When Darkseid fired his omega beams, Superman was unable to avoid but he flew to Pluto in two minutes. Flash avoided it but he has been shown slower in his own comic. Wonder Woman blocked them with her bracelets while superman couldnt so does she have lightspeed reactions?

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that was a superman of 5 yrs ago,n he survived though they hit him,thats something,normally supes always finds a way to hit darkseid wit his own weapon n hes never been able to outrun omega beams i think its impossible to, flash vibrated through parademons fast enough to trick the beams into detroying them instead but it took alot outta him.wonder's bracelets are made from zeus'shield or something like that,so she took the beams head on n blocked them,cuz she knew they were coming, she didnt run or anything but she is pretty fast maybe not as fast as supes or flash but very fast nonetheless.

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The beams move. Superman and flash out ran them for a while before being hit. Wonder Woman didn't dodge she blocked them with her bracelets. Her magical bracelets.

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@Nightflash said:

so does she have lightspeed reactions?

It appears so.

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I think it's simply a case of "Depending on the writer"

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