Justice League Trailer Music - Rock vs Orchestral

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I don't know about many of you who liked the epic orchestral serious vibes from the previous DC movie trailers and soundtracks. Personally for me, I really loved the darker and serious tone we got which differs a lot from Marvel, and honestly I prefer serious epicness than comedic epicness. Not being a DC fan boy or anything, I love and respect both properties, but one thing that really bugged me was the new tone as I was not part of the fans who did not complain about the older films' dark tone. As you all may know, Zack Snyder has listened to the majority of the fans who wanted a lighter toned universe, so I don't blame him nor the studios.

A video captured my attention where someone edited the JL trailer and instead put in the old soundtracks from BvS and Man Of Steel which worked perfectly with the trailer, apart from the fact that the movie has a new approach to a lighter tone. Just wanted your guys thoughts on the contrast of the different music that conveys different tones and vibes.

Original Trailer

Rescored Version

I do not own both videos, each video belongs to their respective owners.

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Sorry, start from 0:00 on the rescored version.

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Eh I think the rock music is supposed to lay emphasis on the tone change. Kinda.

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@kryptonianbawse: I like darker toned movie as well, but bear in mind that dark doesnt necessarily mean better. As for the trailers, I think the first aka original one suits the trailer perfectly and actually better than the second one.

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@eto: The darker colors on Superman's suit wasn't something I really liked as well, but it was just the tone of things. I can relate more when things are a lot more realistic and dark but eh that's just me. I like depressing movies for some reason haha, which is why Logan is my favorite comic book movie.

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@ready_4_madness: Yeah I like how they've utilised the term "alien" with Superman, and created these weird technologies from Krypton. Superman's suit should be able to do more weird and cool stuff, like turning back when Superman is weak or something.

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