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There is a JACK Gyllenhall? There must be because I know you must not want JAKE Gyllenhall to play batman. That would be terrible.

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I just checked it out and Ryan probobly wont come back to the GL role, BUT I still think they need to stay with Hal because:

1. they can just replace Ryan with Bradley Cooper like Marvel did with the Hulk.

2. I think the GL movie is a great origin story for Hal Jordan for the JL movie.

3. the JL movie is going to be an ORIGIN MOVIE for the JL and Hal was in the JL in the new 52 AND before the new 52

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Cast is perfect. Just replace Aquaman with Hawkgirl.

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I can see so far the only logical choice so far is having Nolan's Batman and Snyder's Superman. Similar tone, realism, and the amount of seriousness that can bring the two together in a time of crisis. However I believe that just having the two introduce through a JLA movie isn't going to work. Have a Batman/Superman film before you the JLA film so the two know each other, just like what Bruce Timm and team did with Justice League. Now for Green Lantern, get Jon fucking Stewart! He's my favorite, I grew watching him on TV and to me is his perfect for a Nolan/Snyder JLA film. Bye-bye, Ryan Reynolds, you were the only good thing in the Green Lantern movie. Get that guy from the movie 42, the Jackie Robinson film. Wonder Woman is the next character. I've read online that CW is doing a show called Amazon, which is duh the Wonder Woman show. I guess tying it in with a show can work, look at Agents of SHIELD. Who should play her? I'm not sure, casting for her is difficult. Whoever they get needs to be hot, smart, strong, and a good actress. Now for Martian Manhunter, get Edris Elba to voice him and play him in human form and get Doug Jones to play him in make up. If you decide to go with Mocap then all you need really is Elba himself. On to The Flash. You need an actor that can take himself seriously in a Nolan Snyder world but also have him be funny too. One choice only, Bradley Cooper. He's done drama, really damn good drama, and comedy. The Flash is a light hearted yet serious character, he can be wise cracking and being witty with members of the team and know when to take action. I think he was born to play him. I'm saying Cooper should play Barry Allen, Allen is the most serious version of the character. And don't say he can't work because there's a person dressed up like a bat fighting crime. Now for the fifth or sixth wheel. This spot goes to characters that can be interchangeable. Either be Cyborg or Hawkgirl, so in my mind the only person that can work is Oliver Queen from Arrow. It all has to do with tone, same tone as Nolan's batman films. That's my choices

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I dun care bout the rest.. but the green lantern is meant to be a black dude... thats what we see in the comics... isn't he?...

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@icybabe said:

I dun care bout the rest.. but the green lantern is meant to be a black dude... thats what we see in the comics... isn't he?...

Well, in the New 52 origin Hal's the GL. Or at least was, haven't been keeping up with the ongoing yet so I'm not so sure if he's returned. Anyways, from what I've heard this is our cast:

  • Henry Cavill - Superman
  • Ben Affleck - Batman
  • Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
  • Jason Momoa - Aquaman
  • Ezra Miller - Flash
  • Ray Fisher - Cyborg

Not so sure about which GL. Most likely Hal.. either way, at this rate I might as well just dub them "The Brunette League". I'm not so happy with several of the choices, like given what I've heard were the rumored WW actresses, I would've picked Olga..

xoxo, -Saint Sophie

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