Justice League Monsters

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There are parallels between some Justice League members and some famous monsters. For example, Batman is Dracula, Cyborg is Frankenstein's monster, and Aquaman is the creature from the black lagoon. Hawkman is a Garuda or an Angel...

But are there monstrous analogues for other Justice League members?

Superman? Wonder Woman? Green Lantern? Etc.?

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Swamp Things is a better analogue of the creature of the black lagoon than Aquaman.

Creeper is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Deadman is a phantom, duh

Cyborgirl could be the bride of Frankenstein

Martian Manhunter is a martian, also duh

Shazam is a wizard

Zatanna is a witch

Raven is also a witch

Mr. Negative is the invisible man

Dr. Fate looks like a pharaoh

Beastboy or Animalman could be the wolfman

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@OutlawRenegade: Rather than label her a Witch, I would equate Raven to the Dark Angel

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In 1933 Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster published their first Superman story in a self published fanzine for Science ficton stories. This was a villain who after drinking a potion gained Superpowers and tried to takeover the world.

So Superman the hero = Superman the villain

the story was called The Regin of the Superman

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