Justice League Monsters

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There are parallels between some Justice League members and some famous monsters. For example, Batman is Dracula, Cyborg is Frankenstein's monster, and Aquaman is the creature from the black lagoon. Hawkman is a Garuda or an Angel...

But are there monstrous analogues for other Justice League members?

Superman? Wonder Woman? Green Lantern? Etc.?

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i guess

the jl have been compared to greek gods...

sm is hercules and the flash is hermes

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@Superdork: interesting comparisons. I wouldn't classify an angel as a monster though

following this train of thought

Hawgirl= a harpy

Wonder Woman= an Amazon (technically she is one but its all I can really think of)

Black Canary= a Siren

Flash= only thing I could think of would be a centaur because they are so quick

Cyborg could also be seen as a Golem since he is made up of inanimate matter

I can't think of anything for Superman or Green Lantern in terms of monster comparisons. Maybe some sort of demons cause they are so powerful and can do so many things

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I guess you could compare Superman to Jesus, although you probably wouldn't consider him a monster :P

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