Justice League Film Fanart

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these pics.....they are what nightmares are made of

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This might be the worst thing to happen to movies since pootie tang....

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There are so many better ones out there :P

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Good god that Wonder Woman is awful.

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First one is pretty cool. Second is just terrible in every way (That WW is God-ugly. Though it doesn't make GL look any better). That third one just.... what? MM's costume is cool, but his face looks more like a green horse. That Cyborg is just.... ugh. I'm not a huge Cyborg fan and I'm offended by that. And that Flash is just... only good thing I can say about it is that it's better than WW.

And where's Aquaman? Probably for the best he's not in these though.

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At least the picture of Supes and Bats looks good.

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The first picture isn't bad. The second one is awful. The third one, Flash looks okay. Cyborg looks awful. Martian Manhunter's costume is good, the face isn't.

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@Gambit1024 said:

Good god that Wonder Woman is awful.

I threw up a little when I saw it... um, her.

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