JLA (Justice League of Aged heroes)

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So I need a little help from all you fine 'Viners out there. I'm starting a new composition that features old version of DC/Marvel characters. So far from the Marvel camp I've got Wolverine (Old Man Logan/Hooded Man), the Hulk (Maestro), Thor (King Thor), and Spider-man (Last Stand), and from the DC stable I'm thinking Superman (Superman Beyond), Batman (DKR), the Flash (Kingdom Come), and a fourth DC character that I haven't locked down yet.

Can anyone help me out by providing me with some older DC heroes/heroines? From the the small amount of research I've done, it seems like DC doesn't do the 'aged characters' thing very often.

(ps. I'm trying to use characters from different futures/universes. I'd rather not have 2 ppl from the same timeline)

(pps. I've got a much longer list of old Marvel heroes including Captain Marvel, Cannonball, Hyperion, etc. but for my own sake cut it down to 4 and 4)

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I wouldn't mind a older Aquaman a King should have an heir so that would be cool in regards for him.

I like Superman Beyond and KC Flash so that wouldn't bug me either.

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Wasn't Alan Scott rather old before the new52 not that I am sure of that.

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@stahlflamme: I think the Starheart kept him young to a degree atleast. Jay and Wildcat were old though.

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Maybe a Wonder Woman of some kind like pre-crisis Hyppolita

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