Is the JLA intentionally modeled after Greek gods?

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There are some websites comparing the JLA to the greek gods. Was that DC's intention to create all their characters after greek gods, or is that just some people's comparision? I know Jay Garrick's creation was influenced by Mercury, not sure about the others though.

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JL in generally is modelled off of the Greek pantheon and archetypes

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Not the JLA'a individual characters specifically (the 7 everyone associates with the JLA). Some characters in DC, like in Marvel burrow from various mythologies though. There have been Justice League writers however like Morrison (who famously) took the league and purposely played up the similarities to Grecian mythology. IIRC his table was:


Wonder Woman-Hera

Green Lantern-Apollo





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Morrison's are.

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They were probably influenced by the old western, "The Magnificent Seven".

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@sovereign91001: why is Batman Hades? Everyone hates Hades

Your comment reminded me of this.

Regardless Hades rules a realm pretty much filled with the Damned. Compare that to Batman being the protector of an unsavable city. There's the fact both characters are dark as well and the intimidation angle, both conspire as well. Think of all the media adaptions where Hades tries to overthrow Zeus and the other Olympians, like in Perseus for Example then compare that to Tower of Babel.

Superman Can generally range from being said to be Apollo or Zeus. Apollo being the God of the Sun and Zeus being the head of the Olympians.

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@sovereign91001: why is Batman Hades? Everyone hates Hades

Batman represents the underworld in the form of the criminal underworld. Versions of the League were styled after the Greek pantheon and it's been referenced since. I always thought Wonder Woman was more like Athena, however, given the opposing role to men and combat aspect that isn't warlike, especially when she's showing off wisdom.

Without Steel, Cyborg represents Hephaestus.

They've pretty much always been portrayed as gods among men and modern pantheonic, with a few exceptions like the JL Detroit.

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