Is it better to stress Shazam's magic abilities for film?

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I've been thinking about the Shazam film and perhaps his role in the Justice League film and I've come to realise that this is the chance for DC in the absence of the magic weilders in the film slate to maximise a magical hero through Shazam. I think if they accentuate his magic abilities like teleportation electricity manipulation and perhaps healing to mention a few.. instead of almost identical powers of flight, speed and invulnerability of Kal and Diana(assuming Diana flies in the movies) this will set him apart and endear him to lots of fans. If there is one 'weakness' and as a DC fan I wouldn't call it that, it's the fact that most DC heroes or JL members are not only ridiculously powerful,but also more or less have the same power set. SM,WW,Shazam are basically equal in power set( without even factoring Aquaman,GL or MM) So how do they give every character a niche to fill without duplicating powers every so often in the film? I think Shazam being a mage would work. Besides the new 52 look with a hood is both cool and distinctive but most especially it works for the archetypal look of a magician. It's just tailor made to highlight his magical abilities.

What do you guys think? I mean if we cant have Zatanna or Raven in the Justice League films why not showcase some of those powers through Shazam?

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