How I would cast the Justice League movie, and start the script

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I just wanted to get my idea out for the

upcoming JLA movie. I am not a script

writer, but have a great way to start the movie off, which is in my opinion the

hardest part to writing a Justice league movie. Just my opinion, but this is

the cast that I think would be perfect for a Justice League movie, and the

perfect way to introduce everyone, and bring them together, while bringing the

superheroes backstories to the 21st century, but not sacrificing the comic

stories that we grew up with, but can be adjusted to match up with the Man of

Steel story.

Batman – Wes Bently

Superman – Henry Cavill

Flash – Justin Timberlake

Wonder Woman- Lauren Cohan

Nightwing – Jensen Ackles

Hal Jordan Green Lantern – Jared Padaleki

John Stewart Green Lantern-Anthony Macki

Lex Luthor – Jason Issacs

Darkseid – Terry Crews

Joker – Crispin Glover


- Meteor

shower in Smallville Kansas, Superman

comes to Earth as 4 year old child

- Thomas

and Martha Wayne murdered in Gotham City, leaving 8 year old Bruce Wayne an

orphan (This is heard on the radio in

Mr. and Mrs. Kent’s truck as they drive past meteor impact site, where they

find Clark)

* 2002

(This is the perfect time to start the

superheroes adventure because most people would ask why Superman or any of the

others didn’t stop 9-11 from happening)

- 13

year old Clark Kent starts developing powers in Smallville

- 17

year old Bruce Wayne gets out of Juvie, released to Alfred his Butler, 15 year

old Barry Allen cameo in police station who is on a school field trip to learn

what forensic science is

- 14

year old Wonder Woman wins annual Olympics game held on Paradise Island (Island

invisible to the normal world, concealed by mystic powers), starts developing

an ego (Linda Carter should make cameo as Wonder Woman’s mother)

- 18

year old John Stewart (Joins infantry) and friend Steve Trever (ends up

becoming a pilot and later becomes Wonder Woman love interest) leave for

Annapolis (Marine officer training) (Bumps shoulders with Air Force Captain Hal

Jordan in the recruiting building)

- 22

year old Lex Luthor becomes business partner with father Lionel Luthor

- TV

News is playing on a random television that report that the notorious criminal

known as the Red Hood (Who was known for a series of bank robberies to support

his pregnant wife) was captured by police. It is revealed in this news cast that his real name is Jack Napier, and

how he is a failed comedian who lost it, after his pregnant wife was killed

when a police car loses control during a high speed chase, and is fired from

his job at a chemical plant. Jack Napier

was seriously injured by police when he goes on a shooting spree at his former

job. He is being sent away to Arkum

Asylum under the care of doctor Harley Quinn


- Darkseid

transcends to Earth with his Boom Box, to enlist Lex Luthor in his plan to

enslave mankind. When he transcends, he

brings a lightning storm from his world that hits Barry Allen, causing him to

vanish while he is investigating the 11th crime scene left by the Joker in Central

City. His molecules are rearranged into

the Flash that we all know. After days

of his molecules racing all over the earth at light speed, they finally

reassemble. Allen, who has a huge fan of

Superman and Batman, decides to create a costume as well. He decides to use his new powers to stop the

Joker, and determine who he is working for.

- Clark

Kent is living in Metropolis, working for the Daily Planet and is Superman, and

as he has been stopping criminals, he’s traced back a lot of criminal activity

to Lex Luthor, so he uses his powers to stumble onto Luthors plans

- Nightwing

finds Batman holding a dead Robin (Jason Todd) and gives Batman grief for still

being a crappy boss and reminds him why he went solo, but offers to help find

who is responsible. Batman shows

Nightwing his only clues, a Joker card left by a notorious hitman who leaves

Joker cards on all of his victims, and a small puddle of a type of oil near the

body. Batman takes a trace of the oil

and analyses it to determine that it’s a rare type of oil being used in weapons

experiments at Luthor Corp. Batman

decides to go to Metropolis to investigate and look for revenge, leaving

Nightwing to take care of Gotham City while he is away.

- John

Stewart is walking out of a VA hospital, where he gets medical work, since he

was injured in Afghanistan and medically retired from the Marines. He takes out

his medal of valor and looks at it, and flashes back to Afghanistan, where he

saved his entire infantry unit by sacrificing his own safety, enduring grave

injuries. He is stopped by Hal Jordan, who

miraculously has not aged since he first bumped into him 10 years earlier. Jordan says he’s been watching John and has a

job for him. Long story short, is made a Green Lantern, trained by Jordan to

replace him, and that he will be greatly needed on Earth against Darkseid, who

is working with Lex Luthor to enslave Earth.

- Joker

is working for Lex Luthor, after escaping from Arkum Asylum with help from his

Doctor Harley Quinn who fell in love with Joker. He now goes by Joker and no longer wears the

Red Hood, to cover up the chemical burns and because he’s crazy he wears white

make-up and looks like a clown. He was

in Gotham to steel parts from Wayne Corp for Luthors Doomsday device that he is

building for Darkseid. Luthor thinks it

will just help Darkseid take over the Earth and he will be part ruler, when in

reality it will destroy Earth, enslaving all its survivors on Apokolips.

- Steven

Trever, who got out of the Marines, and got a job flying cargo planes for

Luthor corp has an inflight emergency while transporting what he thinks are routine

parts, but are in reality WMD’s with alien technology. He crash-lands on Paradise Island, and is

cared for by the Amazons. Wonder woman

is infatuated with him, because she has never seen a man before. Wonder woman’s mother inspects the plane and

finds out about the alien technology and how it’s being used. She confronts Trever, who is just as

infuriated about the discovery. She uses her lasso of truth to determine he is

telling the truth, and sends Wonder Woman with him to stop Luthor, because she determines

if he is successful Paradise Island will fall as well.

And this is how the Justice League is

brought together.

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