Geoff Johns Says John Stewart To Join New52 Justice League

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Never thought I'd see the day Johns gave John the spotlight. Editorial mandate or not, this is awesome!

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@meanandgreen: Yeah, it's probably an editorial mandate, but I don't care. John will finally be in two books, which makes me happy. The fact that Wonder Woman's costume reflects the movie version makes me think this is a sign that John will be appearing on film. Fingers crossed.

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And how is it that I'm just finding out about this? This should be interesting.

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Interesting. I haven't been reading it, but I may start looking at Justice League of America.

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Just like that the Justice League became less interesting.

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When did he appear in the JL book?

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I think he's just going to be in Darkseid War. Not sure.

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I'll believe it when I see it

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