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Justice League Origin was the perfect way to kick off the New 52. If you’ve read my recent review on the graphic novel then you know that I thought the pacing, action and artwork were sublime. It scored a perfect 10/10 ranking it as one of DC’s best in my opinion. Everyone got to be a hero and the day was saved.

But what if that never happened?

What if every hero died that day?

That’s the question that Earth 2 The Gathering is here to pose. Using the multiverse as their conceptual platform, DC have posed the question ‘what if the Justice League all died saving Earth from the clutches of Darkseid?’

This book is also known for producing the first gay superhero, Alan Grant: Green Lantern. How has that motif endured today?

I’m a huge fan of The Injustice series and tend to applaud it whenever the creative team do something out of the ordinary and unexpected. That’s why I’m really excited for Earth 2. It holds a wealth of potential.

But will it deliver on it? That’s another question! (More questions in my intro than ever)

Check out my full thoughts on the book below

Earth 2 The Gathering Review


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The first gay superhero? Alan Grant?

Justice League Origin being a 10? What madness is this?

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