AQUAMAN is the best New 52 book

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What a ride Aquaman has been. This book was launched with Geoff Johns writing and Ivan Reis doing the pencil work. Johns did such an excellent job putting Aquaman at the forefront of the New 52 DC universe. He is so integral to the JL, but not only that, he is a very important part of the DC universe! He also has a history before the League and even had his own team (The Others). Then came Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier and they have really rolled with the ball. This book is consistently awesome, fresh, action packed, dramatic, mysterious and it has beautiful visuals! I love it. I sure hope you guys are enjoying it too. I would like to hear your thoughts. In the latest issue (issue 37) we get to see Gorilla Grodd... and man what an awesome showing. Aquaman's universe is much more expanded now, so rich and this is the one book I am never dissapointed with. Tell me what you guys think. What have been your favorite moments, your favorite battles, favorite characters, peeves, etc etc.

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I for one think that you haven't read Animal Man and Flash!!!!

To actually say that a book is the best, you have to read at least a quarter of the new 52 books. How many have you read??

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Action Comics


Detective Comics

Swamp Thing

Justice League

Wonder Woman

Weird Western Tales JONAH Hex


Phanthom Stranger


JL Dark



I read them all and I think AQUAMAN has been the most solid, consistent read of them all.

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Yeah! Uh huh, you know what it is!

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@blackdog2009: Can't say I can pick a best book as no title has been constantly beating the other titles in my opinion. Currently my favourite title is Batgirl but that could change in a week. Although Aquaman is one of my favs so we'll see after volume 5 gets released.

Below is the ranking of the New 52 titles I have read so far (Updated almost daily):

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Good to hear, cuz I just ordered volumes 1 and 2 of New 52 Aquaman from Amazon. Can't wait to start readin it.

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Yeah Aquaman been cool but so has Flash, Wonder Woman Red Lanterns, Green Lanterns NG AND Corps. My opinion is these titles have been the most consistent

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When the current superman arc I'll start buying aquaman

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Wonder Woman and Animal Man are also on my radar.

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Wonder Woman and Batman & Robin are the best for me so far, but Aquaman is close.

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**blind fanboy rage activates**

NOOO!!!! Swamp Thing is the best!! Your opinion is wrong and you should feel bad! ._.

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What about Wonder Woman?

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Answering to an 11 month old post but still...I really think that Aquaman is kind of an overrated series. I have only read about 18 issues but thus far the writing, characterization and execution were all very much cliche. I have seen these dialogues, plot devices, characterization angles 1000 times before in 1000 other titles. I do still think that the series is enjoyable and as the matter of fact good but I also think that it is highly overrated.

I consider Batwoman, The Flash, Batman and Batgirl to surely be a better read.

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