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    Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited animated series) begins his run on the Justice League of America here! As a wedding looms and bachelor parties are thrown, the new Injustice League forms. Find out who will be on this deadly team! And who will stand?


    The issue begins with cropped shots of three figures. Lex Luthor, Joker, and Cheetah. They are discussing who will form the new Injustice League. This conversation took place 10 days earlier.

    The story then skips forward to Green Lantern and Red Arrow struggling to pay for the strippers for Ollie's bachelor party. Batman, with more money than God, bails them out and the party is ultimately moved to the Hall of Justice. At the pary, John Stewart and Hal Jordan discuss the future of their duties on earth with regards to the league and GL in general.

    The story then jumps to Manhattan where Firestorm is caught in a trap set by Killer Frost. They battle and Frost quickly gains the upper hand by freezing Firestorm's hands. He counters by turning the ground into anti-freeze so Frost can't freeze anything. The tides turn when Joker, Cheetah, and Lex arrive and Joker uses his laughing venom to neutralize Firestorm's powers. They nearly kill him and retreat to the Hall of Doom where the Injustice League Unlimited is forming.

    At Dinah's bachelorette party, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl get work that Firestorm has been hospitalized and got to see him. Meanwhile, Batman and Red Arrow go to the scene of the crime to investigate. Joker and Fatality ambush them and prove to be to much. At the hospital, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are ambushed by Killer Frost and Dr. Light. Wonder Woman suffers a severe beating, and Hawkgirl barely escapes and goes to get help. She informs the male leaguers, still at Ollile's party of what has happened and Superman issues the words "Party's Over".

    To be continued in JLA #13



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    Injustice League...not lame anymore. 0

    Wow...was not expecting this issue to kick ass. First of all one of the funniest moments in comic history happens...Batman buys strippers. HA HA HA...that has got to go on my myspace. Firestorm (Jason Rusch) is almost killed by the combined might of the new Injustice League, not all of them mind you, Joker, Lex, Cheetah, and Killer Frost. I think he will die in JLA and good riddance bring back Ronnie Raymond. The new Injustice League is pretty much the Society with a different name and a real Lu...

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