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Good launch for new team

This issue formed the basis for the dissolution of the silver age Justice League of America.  At the time sales in the JLA were relatively low, and the Teen Titans was leading the way for DC teams.  It was decided that the JLA should represent a more down-to-earth team as opposed to the greatest heroes in the world.  Gone were Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Flash, and in were Vibe, Vixen, Gypsy and Steel.  Also gone were the fictional settings, in Detroit was their new home.  I was of course not able to read this when it was originally printed, as I wasn't born yet, but reading through old issues of comics, my favourite stories and characters were from the silver age JLA team.  Although Zatanna was still around, she would go on to be underutilized, and gone were my other two favourite female characters (Black Canary and Wonder Woman) as well as my favourite male character (Batman.)  Still the groundwork for the new series was laid and well enough to keep me interested.    The experiment was maybe doomed to begin with, Crisis on Infinite Earths was looming and no matter what happened this was going to upset the balance in the DC universe.  I sort of blame this issue for what was to come, but the issue itself was now all that bad.  Too bad they couldn't keep the momentum.  

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