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    The Justice League of America borrow the space shuttle, Galileo, to reach their satellite headquarters. To their dismay, the damage to the satellite is extensive. After surveying the ruins of their former headquarters, the Justice League of America, with heavy hearts, return to Earth. Aquaman returns to his home, in the sunken city of New Venice. Aquaman discovers that his wife, Mera, has abandoned him. Aquaman summons the Justice League of America, to an emergency meeting of the United Nations' General Assembly.

    There, before the representatives of the world's nation, Aquaman disbands the Justice League of America. Outside the United Nations, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, angrily confronts Aquaman. Citing that Aquaman has no right to unilaterally disband the Justice League of America, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, calls for a vote from the present membership. Aquaman points out that the Justice League of America has become a low priority for the membership. Only those heroes truly willing to commit to the Justice League of America should elect to remain.

    The weight of Aquaman's words hit hard. Reluctantly, the Black Canary, the Green Arrow, the Hawkgirl, the Hawkman, and the Red Tornado resign. Zatanna, however, does offer the level of commitment the Justice League of America deserves. As does the Elongated Man. At first, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man also elects to stay. Professor Martin Stein, however, points out to the brash, young hero, that he truly cannot offer such a strong commitment, at the expense of both of their personal lives. Crestfallen, Firestom, the Nuclear Man, walks away with the others.

    J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars offers to return to full active membership. With Aquaman, the Elongated Man, the Martian Manhunter and Zatanna forming a new core, the Justice League of America lives again. The news is received, with great interest, by industrialist, Hank Heywood, and fashion model, Mari McCabe. The Justice League of America take up temporary residence in a swanky hotel in Upper Manhattan. McCabe, as the Vixen, calls on the Justice League of America. The Vixen leads the Justice League of America on a playful chase, before she is caught by J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars.

    The Vixen asks to join the Justice League of America. As does Steel, who also offers the team a new bunker headquarters, in Detroit. While showing the Justice League of America around the bunker, Steel is attacked by an armored gunman. After a pitched battle, Steel defeats the gunman. To Steel's surprise, the gunman is revealed to be Dale Gunn, the architect of the bunker. Gunn was unaware that Steel's grandfather, Heywood, had offered the bunker to the Justice League of America. Outside the bunker, Charlie Croom bears witness to a gang fight.

    Croom calls on a graffiti artist, Paco Ramone, for assistance. Using his super-human powers, Ramone breaks up the fight. Steel and the Vixen, petition Aquaman to offer membership to Ramone. Aquaman refuses. Ramone calls on the Justice League of America. After a demonstration of his powers, Aquaman reconsiders placing Ramone on the team. Ramone, and Steel, in his guise as Henry Heywood, visit Ramone's family. En route, they encounter the Gypsy, who has just stolen food from a local grocer. The Gypsy vanishes before the two heroes can even consider giving pursuit.

    Upon meeting Ramone's family, Heywood is immediately smitten with Ramone's sister, Rosita. The mutual attraction does not sit well with Ramone. Zatanna pays a late night visit to Gunn. Zatanna, and Gunn, discuss Steel. Their discussion is interrupted by the bunker's alarms. The Gypsy has sneaked onto the property. Though invisible to human eyes, the Gypsy is easily spotted, and captured by the Martian Manhunter. After feeding the Justice League of America a pack of lies, the Gypsy flees. The Justice League of America is welcomed to the neighborhood.


    • NASA Space Shuttle Galileo appears.
    • The Justice League Satellite is abandoned due to the damaged received during the story arc War of the Worlds, 1984.
    • The Atom, the Flash and Batman cameo headshots.
    • The formation of Justice League Detroit.
    • Commander Steel and his grandson, Steel, should not be confused for the same character. Both individuals make appearances in this issue. Steel is credited under the name Hank Heywood.

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    Superheroes in Motown 0

    This is a bit of an odd issue. Crash course in plot, after the Mars/Earth War (which I know nothing about), the JLA Satellite was destroyed and the team badly strained. The first part of the issue deals with the turmoil and the disintegration as the League comes down to Aquaman, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, and Elongated Man. I like the fact that Gerry Conway addresses the fact that the new team is essentially comprised of b-listers. Aquaman as a founding member becomes the de facto leader, which...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Good launch for new team 0

    This issue formed the basis for the dissolution of the silver age Justice League of America.  At the time sales in the JLA were relatively low, and the Teen Titans was leading the way for DC teams.  It was decided that the JLA should represent a more down-to-earth team as opposed to the greatest heroes in the world.  Gone were Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Flash, and in were Vibe, Vixen, Gypsy and Steel.  Also gone were the fictional settings, in Detroit was their new hom...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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