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    This story puts you, the reader, in the boots of both our superheroes and super-villains, literally!

    Aquaman chairs another meeting of the Justice League of America. Afterwards, the team returns to Earth, to resume their civilian lives. The Black Canary is picked up by a young writer, Harlequin Ellis. Though Ellis is a stranger, the Black Canary immediately opens up to him, forging a quick and intimate bond. In a jealous rage, the Green Arrow assaults Ellis. The Black Canary stays the Green Arrow's hand. Ellis departs, but not without offering to meet the Black Canary later that night.

    Ellis returns home, in a rage, and spends the night sulking in his room, pining for the Black Canary. Ellis begins typing a new story. In some inexplicable way, Ellis' story overwrites reality. Thus, as the Green Arrow and the Black Canary exit a diner, they suddenly find themselves standing outside a curio shop. The proprietor shows them a strange object that causes them to lose consciousness. In Ellis' story, he places himself in the role of Superman.

    As Superman, Ellis again courts the Black Canary. Out of sorts, the Black Canary inquires about the Justice League of America. "Superman" locates them with his telescopic vision. The team is trapped within a cave. The Atom, the Batman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman stand idly by, while Aquaman perishes from dehydration. The Green Arrow furiously screams at his comrades to take action, to save Aquaman's life, but none do.

    A mythological cyclops guards the entrance to the cave. "Superman" battles the cyclops, to impress the Black Canary. By the time "Superman" defeats the cyclops, and gains entry to the cave, Aquaman has died. "Superman" pleads with the Black Canary, desperately expressing his desire for her. The pall of Aquaman's death, though, has ruined Ellis' story. Everything fades away like a dream, leaving the Green Arrow, and the Black Canary, very confused.

    For a fleeting moment, the Black Canary feels her connection to Ellis. Frightened, she turns to the Green Arrow for comfort. Ellis heads out to the city. No matter where he goes, however, he cannot get the Black Canary off his mind. Ellis begins to feel rage towards his rival, the Green Arrow. Once more, Ellis overwrites reality with his own narrative. This time, Ellis casts himself in the role of the Batman. The Green Arrow finds himself under attack by a centaur. The Green Arrow's shafts cannot penetrate the centaur's hide.

    When the centaur shatters the Green Arrow's bow, the Black Canary leaps to his defense. The "Batman" calls out to the Black Canary, begging her not to place herself in danger. The Black Canary pleads with the "Batman" to save the Green Arrow. Remembering Aquaman's death, the "Batman" attacks the centaur, defeating it. The "Batman" unmasks, revealing Ellis' face. Reality reasserts itself. After garnering medical aid for the Green Arrow, the Black Canary confronts Ellis. The Black Canary sets Ellis straight. Though she does feel connected to Ellis, her heart belongs to the Green Arrow. Ellis accepts the Black Canary's friendship. Kissing her on the cheek, Ellis walks away.


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