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A nigh-omnipotent alien is using the Red Tornado to draw Earth-1 and Earth-2 together. The destruction of the twin Earths will provide the raw material to create a new, more perfect world. Believing herself to be the link that is drawing the two worlds together, the Black Canary contemplates suicide. Due to their continued interference in the alien's scheme, the Justice Society of America are targeted for elimination. Already, three of their members have fallen. The aliens launch a full scale assault on the Justice Society of America's headquarters.

Automated snare nets, designed to counter each individual member's powers, descend on the team. Starman is the first to fall, followed by the Golden Age Wonder Woman and the Hourman. The Justice League of America debate whether to allow the Black Canary to sacrifice her life to save two worlds. The Green Lantern suggests transporting the Black Canary to a different parallel Earth, to sever her link to Earth-1 and Earth-2. The Green Lantern encounters a rift in the dimensional void between Earth-1 and Earth-2. Within the rift, poised precisely between the two Earths, is the Red Tornado.

Before the Green Lantern can reach the Red Tornado, the rift alters position, cutting the Green Lantern off. The parallel dimensions momentarily brush together. For a few fleeting seconds, the populace of Earth-1 come face-to-face with their parallel counterparts. A panic ensues. The Hawkman rescues an old woman from certain death. Suddenly, the Hawkman finds himself choking and immobilized. As the Hawkman's parallel counterpart falls on Earth-2, so, too, does the Hawkman fall on Earth-1. The snare nets trap the Golden Age Green Lantern in a wooden cage.

At that same moment, his counterpart also feels as if he has been imprisoned. With the Green Lantern long overdue, the Justice League of America is left with a mere half hour to decide the fate of the Black Canary, and the two Earths. With the Justice Society of America all but fallen, Doctor Fate teleports, with Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt, to a distant cemetery. There, Doctor Fate summons the Spectre. While the Spectre physically places himself between the parallel Earths, Doctor Fate, Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt storm the aliens' ship.

Exhausted from his efforts, Doctor Fate leaves the Thunderbolt to battle the aliens alone. When the tide begins to turn against the Thunderbolt, however, Doctor Fate rallies. With a herculean effort, Doctor Fate taps the very forces of creation to destroy the aliens' vessel. The parallel dimensions pull apart, rending the Spectre asunder. The Green Lantern returns and reports on the Spectre's destruction. The Green Arrow, however, holds out hope that, in some way, the Spectre has survived.


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