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Giant Mistake?

Okay its Christmas Day and the lovely girlfriend of my brother gave me this nifty comic as a gift. I read and decided to make a quick review of it before I never do. Well this giant issue has its ups and downs, its composed of however many pieces written and illustrated by different people, so not all of them really click. I'm a big fan of the JLA and of time-traveling adventures but this time I felt it sort of fell short.  My biggest complaint is the 'Fishnet Femme Fatales!' segment, where Black Canary and Zatanna team up with the Crimson Avenger, biggest problem here for me is the artwork by BIT, I just think its a problem when the objects like the Avenger's hat are better looking than the people, I mean the people look bad...especially the panel where Black Canary looks pregnant, and overall their faces are shaded all funny. But the writing doesn't help, the story doesn't make complete sense...the added jokes about the heroines being working girls don't really seem to play out quite right and it just doesnt fit with the other stories. Now the other segments aren't as bad but still have issues. Maybe it was the character pairings, I don't know...just most of them didn't go well for me. I did enjoy the first  segment  'When Justice Comes to Town' because of the great writing that really gave Hal Jordan some excellent dialouge and the subtle references to Red Arrow and Cinnamon's romantic connection. I also enjoyed the final segment 'Samurai' because it seemed very much like a nod to the 'Super Friends'and how Kimiyo is seen connecting with her Japanese culture. But by far the I found the best segment to be 'Last Voyage of the Pirate Princess', I never thought Wonder Woman could pull off being a pirate but she sure does...not only is the artwork great but the story makes complete sense, Starro's portrayal as a sea-creature is amusing along with the jests of the Black Pirate, and Steel's role as a slave is very thought-provoking. The only sad thing is the story ends abruptly just like all of the segments do. I'd like to say that one story makes it worth it but for six bucks it doesn't ,  even though you'll miss some lovely lines from the Cheetah during the opening and closing (she's tangled in this thanks to her boyfriend Snapper Carr), you aren't missing out on much else.

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