silvioislame's Justice League of America 80 page Giant #1 - Wrinkles In Time review

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Great read, Great price

For 6 bucks at 80 pages, you can't really go wrong. 
Its a true fact that the latest JLA's haven't been that great, and yeah its understandable why many may have passed this over 
But for the people who didn't you're in for a treat, where you get to see all your favorite JLA heroes, back in there prime, while nicely leaving an ending for who knows a chance at another JLA giant. 
The story involves the heroes getting thrown around time, and figuring out, where they are and how they should get back. 
Of course seeing how this is JLA there are team-ups on every mini story, all tying into this main story that they manage to nicely wrap up.all in this 80 page. 
Every single story seems new and refreshing, it never really gets boring 
My only problem with the comic is that the ending is a little short, and i wish they took a little more time to clean up at the end, but hopefully they did that to leave an opening for another 
All and all, if you haven't Pick this up, JLA is back, and its a great read

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