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    The whole universe is in peril unless the League can triumph over a not-so-fun house that’s been built on the outskirts of Happy Harbor, in this giant 64-page saga.

    The first story in this issue is "Cosmic Fun House" from JLA #7. When honorary member "Snapper" Carr and his girlfirend Midge visit a new Fun House on the outskirts of Happy Harbor, they soon discover not all is as it seems! At first, the two youngsters are enthralled by the realistic pre-historic monsters and alien beings who seem to be sharing their surroundings. After a while, the pair come to a dead end, where they hear a pre-recorded voice telling them to push the wall for another out of this world experience! The excited teenagers push the wall together, and find they are literally having an "out of this world" experience! Somehow they have been transported to an alien world, and in no time a prehistoric looking beast heads for midge, but Snapper comes to the rescue with a well - aimed rock.

    Quickly realising he is totally out of his depth, Snapper reaches for his JLA emergency signal device. Flash, Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Jonn Jonzz can't travel in space independently, so they all head for the JLA HQ. Meanwhile, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern head for the planet on which Snapper and Midge are trapped.

    As they arrive, they find Snapper manfully triyng to fight off all manner of creatures, and even the mountains - in which the youngsters have taken shelter - appear to have grown arms to grab them. Wonder Woman instantly disposes of a huge looking creature, hurling it half way across the planet with her magic lasso. Superman makes short work of a Pteradactyl-type creature, while Green Lantern handles the mountain creature and brings Snapper and Midge to safety. Back at JLA HQ, Snapper tells the full story. The JLA decide to investigate - but in their civillian identities - so as not to frighten off those responsible. While Superman takes Batman and Jonn Jonzz back to the planet Snapper and Midge werre on in order to rescue any other people who had been transported there and Aquaman (who at this point had no secret identity) remained at JLA HQ with Snapper, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman head for the fairground.

    In their early adventures, it was customary for Superman and Batman to play only a cameo role in the Justice League. Editor Julius Schwartz felt that the World's finest duo got enough expposure elsewhere in the DCU, and author Gardner Fox usually came up with a clever way of involving them in a way unseen by the reader (as here).

    Chapter 2 of the Cosmic Fun House beging with Barry (Flash) Allen retracing the steps of Snapper and Midge. Barry reaches that same dead end, but as he pushes the door, out from the other side steps another "Barry Allen!" Swiftly becoming the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster follows "himself" until a strong gravitational ray prevents him from moving. The pretend Barry (really an alien in disguise, stuns the Flash with an Iciray and takes him captive.

    Meanwhile, Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) is going through a part of the Fun House that make it appear as if the walls are closing in on you. However, this is merely an illusion and when Hal comes to the door to the other world, he too finds a duplicate of himself entering our world. Becoming invisible via his power ring, Hal follows "himself" until suddenly, he finds the walls really are closing in on him! The walls are yellow and so GL's ring cannot force them back! As GL gasps for air, the false Hal captures him with the Iciray. The false Hal then uses GL's signal device to call Green Arrow and Wonder Woman. Racing to the rescue, the duo are met by a sudden and blinding light. In the confusion an alien grabs Wonder Woman's magic lasso and captures the Amazon Princess and the Emerald Archer in one fell swoop.

    The four captured Justice League members find themselves faced by a pair of alien beings, and trapped within energy sapping spirals. The aliens explain that they are from the planet Angellax and that thousands of years ago they lost an inter-planetary war. The terms of their surrender meant that no weappons could be manufactured on Angellax. Instead, they built a powerful space-probe, which would roam the galaxies for centuries, finding all manner of weapons from around the cosmos so that one day they would be able to exact revenge upon their conquerors. The aliens then went into suspended animation until the time their space probe was due to return. That day had now come, but the aliens had made a miscalculation and the space probe was due to land on earth - in Happy Harbor. To ensure they could get it without arousing suspicion, they built the Fun House as a cover for their activities.

    As the aliens explain, the false "Flash" and "Green Lantern" are on their way to the JLA HQ to send the others on a wild goose chase. Once the team is assembled, the imposters tell the JLA that Xotar the Weapons Master is responsible for the Fun House, and suggest that the team led by Superman travels 10,000 years into the future to apprehend him. Meanwhile they and Aquaman will return to the Fun House and ensure no more earth people are transported away.

    At the start of chapter three, we find the trapped JLAers contemplating their dilemma. Hardly able to move, Green Arrow flilcks the tip of a boomerang arrow towards Wonder Woman's discarded lasso. Seeing what GA is intending, the Flash uses his hands to cause an updraft, which ensures the arrowhead reaches its target. Then, whirling his hand in another direction, Flash causes a vacuum and draws the lasso to Wonder Woman. With a skillful flick of her wrist, the Amazon princess releases Green Lantern from his trap. The Emerald Gladiator returns the favour and the free JLAers set off in pursuit of the aliens.

    Racing through a mysterious opening, the JLA believe they have just entered a hall of mirrors. But as Aquaman arrives, he sees that Green Arrow really is short and broad, Wonder Woman really is exceedingly Fat, Green Lantern does resemble Plastic Man and the Flash really is leaden footed!

    Meanwhile the aliens in thier guises as "Flash" and "Green Lantern" - along with many other aliens disguised as humans are taking their space probe in order to return to their own planet and start an intergalactic war.

    Aquaman leaps into action. Spinning the Flash by the arms, he gives the Scarlet Speedster the momentum he needs to bowl some of the aliens over. Then, raising Wonder Woman's arms to the right height, he enables her to toss her magic lasso and capture "Flash" and "Green Lantern". Next Aquaman helps Green Arrow to lie on his back and, using his feet to good effect, he fires off a number of well placed arrows. However, when it comes to Green Lantern, Aquaman finds his fellow JLA member has lost his memory. Not knowing his secret identity (no members did at this time save Superman and Batman), Aquaman has to think of something else. So in order to jog his memory, the Sea King begins reciting Green Lantern's oath. GL remembers the rest and his memory returns in time for him to mop up the rest of the aliens, retrurning them to their own world (minus space probe) and sending them into a 100,000 year sleep. GL then uses his ring to return our heroes to normal.

    As Superman, Batman and Jonn Jonzz return from their wild goose chase, everything is explained to them and the JLAers decide they need some relaxation time and where better than the fairground with their respective other halves?

    The second story in this issue is "The Last Case of the Justice League" from JLA #12. In the middle of a fishing contest in Happy Harbor, teenager Snapper Carr, who is an honorary member of the Justice League of America, responds to his JLA signal device, and speeds over to the secret sanctuary. However, instead of finding the Justice League waiting for him, he finds a man calling himself Dr. Light. Dr. Light claims to have done away with the Justice League for good, and he instructs Snapper to write down his every word as he tells his tale.

    Author Gardner Fox was keen to make his stories educational and entertaining, so he threw in a number of facts about various forms of light - and Dr Light claims to have mastered them all! Managing to capture Aquaman, and through him contact the JLAers. Dr Light explains how he used a special light projector to send each individual member of the Justice League to a world where he or she could not possibly survive. Therefore Aquaman is on a world without water, Martian Manhunter on a world of fire and Green Lantern on an all yellow world.

    Once Snapper has writted down every word, Light freezes him where he sits and goes off to obtain for himself momentos of light from the ancient, modern and medieval world.

    As we join chaper 2 of this story, things look bleak for the JLA. The Flash is on a world where he cannot keep his balance, Wonder Woman's body will noy obey her thoughts and Green Arrow is stuck on a world where his wooden bow and arrows stick to the floor. Superman meanwhile is on a planet under a red sun, rendering his powers useless.

    Before they responded to the JLA emergency signal, Superman and Batman were on a case together. Superman used his telescopic vision to see how light despatched the other JLA members and suggested that he and Batman change costumes on their way to face Dr Light. As a result Dr light has sent Batman to the world intended for Superman and vice-versa. Wasting no time, the Man of Steel uses his telescopic vision to locate the other JLA members and rescue them, starting with those in greatest danger, Jonn Jonzz and Aquaman.

    At the start of chapter 3, the League return to their headquarters, where an overjoyed Snapper tells them of Dr Light's plans. The JLA split into three teams, each one aiming to protect the artefacts Light intends to steal. Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Aquaman head off to protect the ancient "Colossus of Rhodes" statue, Batman, Flash and Jonn Jonzz are to protect the Heart of Light Diamond, while Superman and Wonder Woman are to protect the first light bulb invented by Thomas Edison.

    As the first team come across Dr Light, the villain attacks them with a spray of lightning. Green Lantern finds his power beam cannot effect Dr Light, Green Arrow draws the lightning away with a lightning rod arrow - but too late! Green Lantern is struck by lightning, and is suddenly gone without a trace. Aquaman and Green Arrow manage to overcome Light, but it is a sorry journey back to the secret sanctuary.

    Next, Batman, Flash and Jonn Jonzz come across (another?) Dr Light. Blinded by his powerful bolts, the trio seem helpless to stop Dr Light from commiting his robbery. However, the Flash runs around the room with Batman's Bat-rope and ensnares the villain, even though he cannot see him.

    Superman and Wonder Woman also encounter Dr. Light! With a Kryptonite light for Superman and an Aurora Borealis curtain for Wonder Woman, Dr Light makes off with Edison's light bulb. However, Wonder Woman's plane intercepts the Kryptonite light allowing Superman to rescue Wonder Woman and the heroes to capture Dr Light.

    Back at JLA HQ, the heroes assemble to find 3 Dr Lights - all of whom are mere mirages, sent to delay the JLA while the real Dr Light puts his final plans for world conquest into operation. As the mirages ghloat and fade away, the doom around the JLA turns to joy as none other than Green Lantern turns up with the real Dr Light! He hadn't perished in that fight after all, but had deduced he was fighting a mirage. Willing himself invisible, the Emerald Gladiator followed the light emanations with which Dr Light was controlling his mirages and captured the villain before he could complete his plans for world domination.


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