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This issue features the first appearance of the Earth-2 Superman and Earth-2 Wonder Woman.

In the secret sanctuary of the Justice League, we find the Red Tornado (who helped the team last issue against the Chthoric demons) explaining why he has come to Earth 1 from his native Earth - 2. It begins with Ted (Starman) Knight observing some strange movements in the heavens and going to investigate as Starman. Slowly taking shape, the being Aquarius grabs Starman's cosmic rod and drops the hero from a great height.

A wounded Starman is tended by Dinah (Black Canary) Lance and her husband Larry. Without warning, as Black Canary investigates what is going on, she is attacked from behind by her husband Larry, who has no recollection of doing so. Black Canary sends out the JSA emergency signal.

On his way to respond, Green Lantern encounters living advertisements, whom he has to waste precious time battling, while Doctor Mid-nite encounters a super powered child. The boy, once overcome by a blackout bomb, has no recollection of what happened. Meanwhile Doctor Fate is heading for Black Canary, when he comes under attack from Evil emanations that seem to stem from a raincloud overhead. Suddenly Doctor Fate finds himself engulfed by raindrops of fire. Battling with his astral bolts to the best of his ability, Dr Fate is forced backwards by the power of Aquarius until he lands at the feet of the other JSA members.

Aquarius plans to bring chaos and destruction to Earth-2 and the JSA cannot stop him. Superman lands a haymaker of Aquarius, but that just gets him angry, and using Starman's rod to amplify his own magical powers, he lashes out at the Man of Steel. With Superman injured, Wonder Woman casts her lasso towards Starman's cosmic rod. However, Aquarius causes a heat wave so ferocious that the Amazon Princess must retreat to stay alive. Encouraged by Larry Lance, the remaining JSA members rush Aquarius together. Aquarius expended much energy in his last attack and needs to rest - but when he does, he vows to break through Dr Fate's protective shield and complete the work he has begun. However, he is unaware that Dr Fate did one more thing during the confusion of the last few moments - he sent Red Tornado to Earth-1 to return with the Justice League.


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