Justice League of America #7

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #7 - The Cosmic Fun-House! released by DC Comics on November 1, 1961.

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    Join the Justice League in "The Cosmic Fun-House!" The alien Xotar has kidnapped Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Despite being distorted by fun-house mirrors, these heroes need to stop Xotar before he can take over the world!

    The Justice League star in "The Cosmic Fun House!" The adventure begins with honarary member Snapper Carr and his girlfriend Midge visiting a brand new fun house on the outskirts of Happy Harbor. However, the two teenagers are about to find out that not everything is as it seems. At first the youths are enthralled by the realistic pre-historic creatures and weird aliens who seem to be sharing the fun house with them. After wandering through the fun house for a while, the pair come to a dead end, and a pre-recorded voice tells them to push the wall and they will have another out of this world experience. Excitedly the two teenagers push together - and sure enough, they are going to have an out of this world experience - literally! They find themselves transported to a strange alien world. Out of nowhere, a pre-historic monster darts towards Midge, but Snapper comes to her rescue with a well aimed rock.

    Quickly realising he is out of his depth, Snapper turns to his emergency JLA signal device, calling the heroes for help. Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Jonn Jonzz realise the signal is coming from outer space. Since they cannot travel the spaceways they all head for the JLA's HQ. Meanwhile, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman follow Snapper's signal to the distant planet.

    As they arrive, they find Snapper manfully fighting off all manner of ancient creatures and even the mountains in which they have taken shelter seem to be growing arms to grab at the two teenagers. Wonder Woman makes short work of a huge looking beast, using her magic lasso to toss it far away, while Superman handles a pterodactyl type bird monster. Green Lantern uses his power ring to protect Snapper and Midge from the mountain creature and the JLA returns to base having take Midge home.

    Snapper tells the JLA what happened and the League decide to investigate - but in their civillian identities (at this point none of the JLAers knew each others secret ID's except Superman and Batman) so as not to arouse the suspicions of those responsible for what happened to Snapper and Midge.

    While Superman takes Batman and Jonn Jonzz with him to rescue any other people who may have been transported to the world Snapper was transported to, and Aquaman (who at this time had no secret identity) stays with Snapper, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash head for the fairground. It is worth noting at this point, DC had made an editorial decision to have Batman and Superman play only cameo roles in the JLA as the Worlds Finest duo (it was felt) got enough exposure elsewhere in the DCU. It was customary for them to be sidelined in some way and here is how it is done this time around.

    Chapter two of the "Cosmic Funn House" begins with Barry (Flash) Allen re-tracing the steps of Snapper. Like the youngster he comes to the same dead end, yet when he pushed the door, it swings around and out through it comes another Barry Allen! Swiftly becoming the Flash, the Scarlet Speedster follows "himself" until he trips a heavy gravitational beam which prevents him from moving. The pretend Barry (really an alien in disguise) knocks the Flash out with an Iciray and takes him to a secret chamber.

    We then turn our attention to Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan. In his section of the fun house it seems as if the walls are closing in on him - but this is merely an illusion. Like the Flash before him, Green Lantern sees another "Hal Jordan" emerging from the doorway to the strange planet Snapper visited. Using his power ring to make himself invisible, GL follows his doppleganger - until the walls really start closing in on him! Being yellow walls (of course) GL cannot use his power ring to fight them and he also submits to the alien's Iciray.

    The false Hal Jordan then uses GL's JLA signal device to call Wonder Woman and Green Arrow to the funhouse. As the duo races to the rescue, they are blinded by an overpowering light. In the confusion and alien hand reaches out, and, grabbing Wonder Woman's magic lasso, quickly uses it to ensare her and the Emerald Archer. The four captured Justice League members find themselves faced by a pair of alien beings, whilst being trapped within energy sapping spirals. The aliens explain that they are from the planet Angellax and that thousands of years ago, they lost an almighty war with a neighbouring planet. As per the terms of their surrender, they were no longer permitted to develop weapons on Angellax. Instead, they created a space probe, which would travel the universe for millenia and gather all manner of weapons with which they would one day be able to wreak their revenge.

    They slept for many ages in suspended animation, and when the time came for them to awaken, they realised they had made a major miscalculation. The space probe would not return to their native planet, but would rather land on earth - at Happy Harbor. Devising their plan to redeem their probe involved creating the Cosmic Fun House and the aliens head there to collect their valuable probe. Meanwhile, the false Flash and GL are on their way to the JLA HQ in order to send the rest of the Leaguers on another wild goose chase. When the available members are reasslembled "Green Lantern" informs them that it is their old foe Xotar the Weapons Master who is responsible for what is happening. "Flash" suggests Superman takes Jonn Jonzz and Batman into the future in order to capture Xotar, whilst he and "Green Lantern" take Aquaman to join Green Arrow and Wonder Woman in guarding the fun house teleportation machine.

    As Aquaman races into the Fun House, "Green Lantern" and "Flash" head off to join their alien colleagues.

    At the start of chapter three, we join the captive heroes contemplating their dillemma. Hardly able to move, Green Arrow flicks the tip of a Boomerang Arrow towards Wonder Woman's discarded magic lasso. Seeing what GA intends, the Flash helps the arrow reach its target, and then causes an air vacuum, thus drawing the lasso to Wonder Woman. With a skillful flick of the wrist, Wonder Woman frees Green Lantern from his spiral prison, and the Emerald Gladiator frees the others in turn.

    Racing through a mysterious opening, the JLA think they have just entered a hall of mirrors - but as Aquaman arrives on the scene, he finds Green Arrow is really short and broad, Green Lantern resembles the Elongated Man, Wonder Woman looks like the worlds fattest woman and the Flash is leaden footed!

    Meanwhile the aliens in their disguises as "Flash" and "Green Lantern" along with many human guises are taking their space probe in order to return with it to their native planet. Aquaman leaps into action, and spins the Flash around, giving the Scarlet Speedster the momentum to spin himself into the escaping aliens, bowling them over. The sea king then turns to Wonder Woman who is too fat to lift her own arms. Aquaman raises Wonder Woman's arms to the right angle, and the amazon princess captures the false Flash and Green Lantern with a mighty toss of her lasso. Green Arrow's arms are so short and his chest so wide that he cannot shoot his bow! Aquaman encourages him to lie flat on his back and use his feet in order to be able to fire his arrows, which he does to great effect!

    Turning to Green Lantern, Aquaman finds he has lost his memory. Although he can't use GL's secret ID to jog his memory, he begins to recite his oath and GL completes it as his mind returns to normal. He then turns his ring on the aliens and sends them back to their own world (minus space probe) and at the same time sends them to sleep for another 100,000years. Finally, GL turns his ring on his fellow Leaguers, returning them to normal.

    At this point Superman, Batman and Jonn return, having been on a wild goose chase, and everything is explained to them. The JLA go their seperate ways, and in order to unwind decide to spend a day at the now alien free Fun House in their secret identities, with their respective other halves.


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