Justice League of America #69

    Justice League of America » Justice League of America #69 - A Matter of Menace! released by DC Comics on February 1969.

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    Suspected of murder, Green Arrow and the Justice League of America seek the truth. In the midst, Wonder Woman, who has lost her Amazonian powers, attempts to resign from the league.

    Walking home from work one day, average joe Charlie Sneed is hit by a message carrying paper aeroplane. To his disbelief, the message, which has clearly come from a high rise flat, claims someone is being held captive by Green Arrow and is about to be killed by him. Shortly afterwards, we find the police investigating a murder. At the scene, they find an arrow and an archer's hat - but they can see this is a set up. Also observing this scene is Diana Prince (formerly Wonder Woman) who is on her way to resign from the Justice League, since she has lost her powers.

    Thanking Miss Prince for the information she brings them about Green Arrow, the JLA can't figure out how she got into their secret sanctuary - but suddenly Flash realises who she is. And as Superman refuses to accept her resignation and suggests a leave of absence instead, the Scarlet Speedster contemplates how he always thought Superman and Wonder Woman would one day marry.

    Suddenly, the police radio announces that Green Arrow is now a suspect. On the advice of the JLA, the emerald archer decides to lay low and return to being Oliver Queen. However, before he can get to that stage, he is jumped by a gang of hoods. Despite battling bravely, he is outnumbered and an attack from behind leaves him unconscious.

    Meanwhile, the Flash and Batman are at the morgue and are stunned to find the man who has been killed is none other than their old foe the Tattooed Man. Fearing this makes things look worse for GA, the two heroes are grateful to recieve a tip off to investigate the local Planetarium. As the Flash checks around, he is suddenly stunned by an electrical jolt. Batman springs into action, and for 4 pages of self depreciating dialogue with regards to corny jokes, the Caped Crusader overcomes the same thugs who jumped Green Arrow earlier. However. out of the crowd comes a mysterious figure who fires an anaesthetic dart into his arm, and three JLA members are now captured.

    While this has been happening, Superman and the Atom have been examining the evidence. Clearly the arrow found at the crime scene was not one of Green Arrow's and as Superman is about to travel to Redwood and pursue the case further, he is served with a subpoena, suspending him from the earth until Green Arrow has been arrested.

    As he leaves, the Man of Steel is frustrated ever further by what his x-ray vision reveals as he leaves earth.

    We then find Green Arrow, Batman and the Flash captured by the criminal Headmaster and unable to move due to an electrified field around them. Any attempt to eacape will trip a bomb located in a nearby village. The Headmaster's henchmen don duplicate costumes of the three heroes and set off to discredit them. The final thug has the job of finishing off the heroes with a machine gun. Before he can fire, however, the Atom sneaks inside his rifle and jams the firing pin.

    Released by the Tiny Titan, the JLA fear the village will be destroyed, but realise that they have been duped by the headmaster. Finding the criminal and his thugs destroying property and besmirching their names, the League quickly round up their opponents. As Superman returns to earth, he captures the Tattoed Man who was not killed earlier, merely put in suspended animation by the Headmaster. As for Charlie Sneed, he receives another note just like he did previously, only this one suggests the Flash is about to kill someone. Racing up the stairs of the building, he finds a bunch of kids playing super heroes, while one of them is throwing rescue notes out of the window!



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    Obviously a little dated by this point, the main reason I picked this up is because it has an appearance (though short) of the mod girl version of Wonder Woman.  After she resigns due to her inability to perform her functions, the team must work at freeing Green Arrow after he is framed for murder.  This is very much of the time frame though with Green Arrow acting like a close copy of Batman with his Arrowplane.  As it turns out a couple of supervillains have decided to kidnap the Justice Leagu...

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