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The Atom brings another meeting of the Justice League of America to a close. Steve Trevor, Jean Loring, the Hawkgirl, Midge and Mera enter the meeting room. After kissing their respective lovers, they fade away. Wonder Woman, the Atom, the Hawkman, Aquaman and Snapper Carr are struck dead by the kisses. Through the Green Lantern's power ring, the architect of the assassinations issues a challenge to the remaining members of the Justice League of America. Monsters, crafted from cosmic energy, descend on the Secret Sanctuary. A pitched battle ensues, with no clear victor in evidence. Finally, through teamwork, the Justice League of America defeat the energy constructed creatures.

Thomas Oscar Morrow awaits the Justice League of America, in their own trophy room. Morrow animates the lifeless trophies into attacking the Justice League of America. The Flash falls to Amazo. Superman is slain by the diamond Appellex alien, wielding the Green Bell of Uthool. The Green Arrow is crushed by Starro, the Conqueror. The Green Lantern is consumed by one of Doctor Light's weapons. The Batman is beaten by Super-Duper. Morrow places the corpses of the Justice League of America into his own trophy room. Morrow attempts to come up with a crime more spectacular than slaying the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America.

Morrow's computer cautions that any gambit will fail, should the Red Tornado intervene. Having left the red Tornado for dead, along with the rest of the Justice Society of America, Morrow is unconcerned about the computer's data. The Red Tornado, however, is not dead. The Red Tornado homes in on Morrow's location, tracking him back to Earth-1, and the Secret Sanctuary of the Justice League of America. The Red Tornado plays back a recording of Morrow's schemes The Red Tornado confronts the true Hawkgirl, to enlist her aid in reviving the Justice League of America. The Red Tornado, and the Hawkgirl, gather the true Trevor, Loring, Midge and Mera together.

The Red Tornado charges their bodies with a radiation neutralizing agent, to counter their duplicates' kisses of death. Upon kissing their respective lovers, the five stricken heroes revive. The Red Tornado carries the Atom, Aquaman, the Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Carr to Earth-2, to use one of Morrow's recovered weapons, to revive the Justice Society of America. En route, they encounter Morrow, in the void between the two parallel Earths. Morrow intends to incite a war between the populaces of Earth-1 and Earth-2. While Aquaman, the Atom, the Hawkman, and Carr attack Morrow's faceless minions, Wonder Woman destroys his machinery. The Red Tornado goes after Morrow.

The Red Tornado learns that he is merely a machine, created by Morrow, to be used as a weapon against the Justice Society of America. Morrow is forced to restore the rest of the Justice League of America to life. The Red Tornado returns to Earth-2, to do the same for the Justice Society of America. The Red Tornado is offered membership in the Justice Society of America. Having discovered that he is nothing more than a machine, the Red Tornado agonizes over finding his true place in the world, and building a life in it.


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