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Due to a dearth of current crises, the Justice Society of America is bored. The Hourman unveils his latest invention, the Crime-Caster, a computer that can predict crime. Suddenly, the Red Tornado storms the room. The Red Tornado is surprised that the Justice Society of America does not recognize him. Doctor Fate conjures forth an image of Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado. The Red Tornado insists that they are one and the same. To prove his membership, the Red Tornado reveals his knowledge of the secret identities of the team. At the same time, the Red Tornado realizes that he has no knowledge of his own identity. The Red Tornado unmasks, revealing a featureless face. The Crime-Caster foretells a robbery at the Museum of the 20th Century. The Justice Society of America encounter a large group of armed individuals, robbing the museum.

Like the Red Tornado, the criminals have no faces. The Justice Society of America attack. The Red Tornado teams up with the Black Canary, to engage the ground forces. During the course of the combat, the Red Tornado inadvertently gets the Black Canary killed. Horrified, the Red Tornado immediately tries to redeem his blunder by aiding Starman. Once again, errors on the Red Tornado's part, lead to the Starman's death. The Hourman storms the museum. While battling against the faceless criminals, the Hourman is rendered unconscious, when the Starman's lifeless body falls upon him. Desperate to prove himself, the Red Tornado aids the Golden Age Flash, only to fail to keep the Scarlet Speedster from being disintegrated. The Red Tornado makes his way to the faceless thieves' airship, to aid Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate disables the faceless criminals' weapons, by clogging the barrels with sand. Doctor Fate is on the verge of triumph, when the Red Tornado attacks the crooks. The whirling winds of the Red Tornado's vortices dislodge the sand. The granules impact Doctor Fate and the Red Tornado, rendering them unconscious. Doctor Fate and the Red Tornado are ejected from the airship, plummeting down into a lake, The lake water revives the two heroes, while also washing away the irradiated sand from their bodies. The Red Tornado abandons Doctor Fate, on the shore, to pursue the faceless criminals. The mastermind behind the faceless criminals is revealed to be Thomas Oscar Morrow. In an encounter with the Silver Age Flash and the Silver Age Green Lantern, Morrow fled to Earth-2. Morrow invented a device that allowed him to view the future.

Morrow invented another device to allow him to steal items, seen through his viewer, from the future. Morrow also invented a computer that could predict the outcome of all of his criminal endeavors. Morrow learned, from said computer, that his robbery of the Museum of the 20th Century would be thwarted by the Justice Society of America. The computer informed Morrow that the addition of the Red Tornado, to the ranks of the Justice Society of America, would ensure victory for Morrow. Thus, Morrow created the Red Tornado, and sent him to join the ranks of the Justice Society of America. The Red Tornado storms Morrow's lair. Morrow subdues the Red Tornado. The computer informs Morrow that the Red Tornado must be present, for Morrow's next crime to succeed. Mister Terrific, the Golden Age Atom, the Golden Age Green Lantern, the Golden Age Hawkman, the Sandman, and Doctor Mid-Nite arrive at the Justice Society of America's headquarters.

There, they learn, from Doctor Fate, that their comrades are not, in fact, dead, but in radiation-induced comas. The Golden Age Green Lantern locates the Red Tornado, in combat with the faceless criminals, on the island of Atlantis. The Justice Society of America arrive on Atlantis, just as the Red Tornado has finished defeating Morrow, and his faceless minions. The Red Tornado revels the weapon that can reverse the effects of the radiation. Triggering the weapon, however, causes an explosion of said radiation, which fells the Justice Society of America, including the Red Tornado. With his foes defeated on Earth-2, Morrow makes plans to return to Earth-1. Morrow's computer, however, tells him that the only way his plan to destroy the Justice League of America can fail, is if the Red Tornado intervenes.


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