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Doctor Destiny has a plan to switch the heroes with the villains they battle!

The Green Arrow resigns from the Justice League of America. Furthermore, he advises the team to abandon their costumed crime fighting careers. The Green Arrow also hints that he is in jeopardy, but demands that none interfere or aid him. The Justice League of America fiercely debate the issue, but ultimately decide to heed the Green Arrow's wishes. Secretly, each member of the Justice League of America decides to impersonate the Green Arrow, to lure the danger to themselves. Only Wonder Woman abandons the idea, once she realizes she could never pass for a male. The Batman, disguised as the Green Arrow, encounters the Penguin.

From the sound of his voice alone, the Penguin realizes that the "Green Arrow" is really the Batman. The Penguin defeats the Batman. Then, the Penguin becomes the "Green Arrow", as the "Green Arrow" becomes the Penguin. J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, disguised as the Green Arrow, encounters Doctor Light. Very quickly, Doctor Light susses out that the "Green Arrow" is really the Martian Manhunter. Doctor Light defeats J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars. Then, Doctor Light becomes the "Green Arrow", as the "Green Arrow" becomes Doctor Light. Across the country, the same fate befalls the other members of the Justice League of America.

Each disguised as the Green Arrow. Each encountering one of their old foes. Each being defeated and replaced by said foe. Millionaire philanthropist, Oliver Queen, the true Green Arrow, reads the news with growing concern. Having recently learned the Atom's secret identity, that of physicist, Ray Palmer, Queen travels to Ivy Town. Queen bears witness to a battle between the Atom, disguised as the Green Arrow, and his nemesis, the Plant Master. Queen waits until the Atom has been defeated, and swapped places with the Plant Master, before he acts. Taking up the bow and arrow the Atom had been using, Queen fires on the "Green Arrow", knocking him out.

Queen then turns off the device the "Green Arrow" was carrying. Immediately, the members of the Justice League of America, incarcerated in prisons across the country, as their foes, resume their normal appearances. Queen sends out an emergency summons, to gather the Justice League of America at the Secret Sanctuary. Queen addresses the team, thus revealing his secret identity to his comrades. Queen, as the Green Arrow, had encountered Doctor Destiny. Using his materioptikon, Doctor Destiny exchanged appearances with the Green Arrow. "Doctor Destiny" was taken back to jail. The next day, "Doctor Destiny" resumed his appearance as the Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow raced to the Secret Sanctuary, hoping to catch Doctor Destiny posing as the Green Arrow. Not seeing himself among their ranks, the Green Arrow realized that Doctor Destiny was posing as a different member of the team. To not give the game away, the Green Arrow resigned, and issued his veiled warnings. Doctor Destiny summons the actual villains he impersonated, when he exchanged identities with the individual members of the Justice League of America. Mister I.Q. squares off against the Hawkman. The Penguin confronts the Batman. Captain Boomerang targets the Flash. Doctor Light draws on J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars.

Lex Luthor threatens Superman. Cutlass Charlie fires on Aquaman. The Tattooed Man engages the Green Lantern. The Plant Master throws a potted plant at the Atom. Doctor Destiny conjured demons to battle the Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Snapper Carr. An epic battle ensues, with the Justice League of America constantly switching opponents. Ultimately, the heroes are triumphant. The Green Arrow reveals that Doctor Destiny was impersonating the Atom, at the Justice League of America meeting. A fact that also garnered suspicion in the Hawkman, as the Atom was the first to arrive in the Secret Sanctuary that day.

As the Atom travels to the Secret Sanctuary via phone line, the Hawkman had wondered who had answered the phone, to allow the Atom access to the Secret Sanctuary. When the Hawkman contacted the Atom regarding the Green Arrow's resignation, the ruse was revealed.


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