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All is not as it appears

Plot Summary: 
Eclipso is triumphant! He has defeated the world's greatest heroes, destroyed the moon and spit in the face of the greatest forces in the universe.  But one JLAer still stands.  Can she make things right? 
Soap box: 
 Here we are in the closing months of the Robinson run on JLA.  It has been a wild ride.  Not all have liked it.  I have enjoyed most but not all issues.  However, once Mark Bagely departed I enjoyed the book much more.  The visuals under Brett Booth and now Daniel Sampere have stepped up in quality and story telling.  Bagely may be great at the other company but here on this book his work was not enjoyable to me.  The stories that he and Robinson were doing were worthy of the JLA but the art quality was not.  I feel that once he departed that James' story telling and even his, much maligned by many others on the internet, dialogue improved.  One more issue left and it looks like they will close out the run with an ending to this league.  
The Review: 
We open the book as the plot summary indicates with a victorious Eclipso.  He reviews his actions and the defeats of the universes' heroes.  Basicly everything that took place between this and last issue.  This review was done in a couple of pages and was done well.  We then get a key flashback that brings you the path to victory from apparent defeat.  These heroes are strong and definetly worthy of being in the JLA.  I am happy to see that DC and James Robinson aren't "scortching" the earth with death and distruction.  The writing is strong and James delivers a nice ending that wraps up what he has been doing with a certain female character.  Much of her motivations and even word choices are explained.  The end would have been a shocker if all storylines in the DCU weren't coming to an end, so it wasn't but no less powerfull.   
The art is a perfect match to James' writting style.  The classic look is beautiful and the action is perfectly depicted.  Daniel Sampere and Wayne Faucher are a team I would welcome on another DC book.   
What should you do: 
Well if you haven't been reading the arc so far don't start now. However, pick up the trade for sure. James has such great knowlegde of the DCU history and his run has pulled on many things accross DC's history. 

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