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Rooting for Robinson

The Good: Action scenes are HUGE and crazy.

I LOVE the use of the JLA reserves. It makes this feel more like a 'JLA' story instead of the ragtag team of mostly second stringers we've been seeing. And I love the use of Zauriel.
The inner monologues we get from Eclipso and Bruce are new and interesting as well as extremely entertaining. It's different to get so much into the head of a villain, especially one on this scale, and especially in this kind of series, but like Omega Man before, it works really well and flows in the story really well.
Eclipso is built up as a genuinely huge feeling threat. Omega Man and the CSA had the problem of being stuck in the dome MADE BY JADE. But Eclipso is free, and pacing his plan properly, and just doing a great job at being a huge credible threat. And his true plan is a bit of an eye raiser.

The Bad: Cover is really boring.
I really want to understand what Robinson's obsession with Jade is. EVERY DAMN ARC, there's something about the villain seeing Jade's inner huge evil or dark shadows or incredible power, or all of the above, or WHATEVER. All I know is that I'm sick of it. Proper pacing would spread it around more thinly and subtly but every arc it's shoved blatantly right in our face. Robinson needs to just get to the point.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5
JLA has been either mediocre or bad for a WHILE now. Stories have been tie ins or small scale, or just not great for the most part. Robinson's finally been slowly giving us bigger and bigger stories. I previously griped that it seemed like he was holding back on the past 3 arcs, but now we're getting a bombastic big scale arc. This feels like the JLA I know and love from the 90's, and it really has me on the edge of my seat.

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