gmanfromheck's Justice League of America #56 - Eclipso Rising, Part Three: The Battle for Emerald City review

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Now that Doomsday has come and gone, we can get back into the Eclipso storyline. 

The Good 

Just when the anticipated Eclipso story began, it felt like the story was put on hold in order for Doomsday to come in and fight Supergirl. While we did get some awesome insight into Supergirl's character, I wanted to see what was happening with Eclipso and Emerald City. 

It feels like James Robinson and Brett Booth have been working together for months as the art seems to flow and capture each action scene. And there is plenty of action. As the issue progresses, our heroes seem to be getting more and more overwhelmed by the dark forces of Eclipso. Who wants to read stories where the heroes easily win in no time?

There is also a lot of flashback characters seen and mentioned. By this I mean that Robinson reminds us of the numerous other Justice League members instead of just focusing on the Big Seven that we've seen so many times. I love that some are mentioned and not even seen to deal with things behind the scenes as the main team is dealing with Eclipso.

The Bad 

I love that we don't have a typical Justice League roster. I do see how this might be a problem for other readers. Unfortunately when some think of the JLA, they think of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc. While we get to see many other members answer the call for help, it can be difficult to remember who's actually on the team. Even though several of the current members have worked together in the past, it almost feels like there's a lack of respect, especially when it comes to Dick as Batman and the current leader. Perhaps it's the familiarity they have that allows Donna to talk down to him.

In terms of the story, I've dug past stories with Eclipso but sometimes it feels like he gains control over some of the heroes too easily. When it comes to Shade, I have to assume there's more going on with him since he seems too strong of a character to simply be a pawn of Eclipso. 

The Verdict 

Things are looking pretty dark for the Justice League. After having the story interrupted so Doomsday's story could be told, we're back into the Eclipso story that began right before that. James Robinson and Brett Booth have a great work synergy going on and it feels like they've collaborating for months now. I've been enjoying the fact that we don't have the same old typical roster for the team and we get to see several past members answer the call for help while others are mentioned to handle things back home. I can't say that I know where or how this story will end but that's what makes it enjoyable. Typically we know the good guys will win in the end but it's looking a little bleak for our heroes.


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great review

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I was really irritated with the Animal Man treatment. Not only did they only show him a couple of times, but he apparently got possessed so fast they couldnt even catch it on panel.
 really? one of the old school vets, and Animal man just looses off panel? Idk. I was just so excited to see him come in with the reserves... and all i get is a couple of crappy background shots and then an unexplained defeat? Boooo DC. i thought you were trying.
.... but i love this new Eclipso idea.

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