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Can this be considered a Neopolitan flavoured comic?


In this issue there’s the Green Lantern/Brightest Day Characters of Bodikka, Saint Walker and Cyborg Superman, the events of the rise of Eclipso in the background and of course the Reign of Doomsday. Will these 3 aspects balance well in this issue?




Doomsday attacks Bodikka, ‘Dark’ Supergirl and Batman at the ruins of New Krypton whilst Eclipso and his Shadow Warriors mount an attack on the Emerald City




The Good


·         The story, whilst it has flaws is action packed with a smack down that moves at a nice pace, multiple characters from all over the DCU and a deft balance between Green Lantern, Rise of Eclipso and Reign of Doomsday. Robinson handled the switchover from Reign of Doomsday to Rise of Eclipso nicely

·         It’s good to see in Dick that whilst he is his own Batman, he still is taking precautions in ways that Bruce would like flying a spaceship with weapons powerful enough to take on ‘Dark’ Supergirl. Shame it got smashed so quickly.

·         Appearances from Boodikka and Saint Walker were pleasing to see. Since my recent interest in Green Lantern piked up, it was cool to see these characters interacting with the rest of the JLA. Boodikka’s presence is explained through the Guardian’s inspection of New Krypton in the World of New Krypton series but Saint Walker just shows up. However, it doesn’t really matter as not only does he provide as an extra powerhouse against Doomsday but he also adds some extra optimism in this battle against the unstoppable monster. He should have uttered all will be well in my opinion though.

·         Now the fight was brilliant. On both sides. First you have the siege of the Emerald City by the Shadow Warriors and Eclipso which is good then you have the energetic fight between ‘Dark’ Supergirl, Starman and Saint Walker against Doomsday. It was cool to see the trio combine their abilities to take on Doomsday with Walker holding him in place, ‘Dark’ Supergirl blitzing him and Mikaal blasting him. This made for some inventive action sequences.

·         The interplay between Dick and Kara is refreshing as well. It’s one of the ways Robinson has been keeping the series alive and my interest in it. The brother-sister relationship between this new World’s Finest is one of the highlights of the story with Dick looking out for Kara and Kara going to Dick for help with her problems. Although that kiss between them in the ‘Omega’ storyline still freaks me out. Ewww....

·         Another highlight is the art. It’s jaw dropping. After 2 issues, Bret Booth is fast becoming one of my favourite artists at the moment. Doomsday is as badass as ever, Eclipso’s redesign is sweet and everything else is awesome. Couldn’t ask for better.

·         But the absolute highlight is the main cover. Doomsday and Cyborg Superman brawling (which is kinda a spoiler) with Saint Walker blasting away and defeated Leaguers in the background makes for one brilliant cover.

The Bad

·         However, this issue does have flaws. For one I have no idea what’s going on with Alan Scott. Something in the Justice Society comic happened but that’s not clear here. There’s no reference to it either which there really should be given the editor’s silver age fascination with continuity references atm.

·         Jesse Quick is given a bum deal here. I wanted Wally in the League as he is not being used anywhere else but just as Jesse was ever so slightly growing on me, this happened. Basically Jesse is not only going through a bad time but her powers are fading. Why DC? Just why is all I ask you.

·         I really don’t like ‘Dark’ Supergirl. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been referencing the ‘Dark’ part of ‘Dark’ Supergirl like this. She was introduced in a poor way, isn’t a patch on the original Dark Supergirl and definitely not Kara. I just dislike her intensely. And how does this fit in continuity wise with her monthly series? When does she change back? And what does Superman think of all this?

·         Jade has been possessed. Again. Seriously can Robinson not think of anything else to do with the character? This is just like in Superman/Batman where the 2 would square off every 3 issues or so. I dropped the book because of that. That and it didn’t fit into continuity. But anyway my point is Robinson think of something better to do with Jade.

So with a decent story, great art and fabulous cover this is a good issue. Now don’t do anything to make me drop this JLA creative team because I might if things drop down a level or 2!


Final Scores:


Story: 7/10

Art: 10/10

Cover: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

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