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The Justice League is attacked by their own weapons.

Shiera Hall informs the Hawkman that an ancient coin has been stolen, and replaced with a duplicate. The Hawkman scans the coin for radiation, but there isn't enough to run a trace. The Hawkman departs for his regular Justice League of America meeting. The Green Arrow talks about his latest adventure. In trying to take down a gang of crooks, the Green Arrow discovered that his trick arrows had been replaced with ordinary arrows. The switch did not stop the Green Arrow from subduing the crooks. Wonder Woman recounts a similar tale. In trying to take down a gang of crooks, Wonder Woman discovered that her Lasso of Truth had been replaced by an ordinary rope. The switch did not stop Wonder Woman from subduing the crooks.

Fearing that his own gear may have also been stolen, the Batman checks his utility belt. Sure enough, it's been replaced with a fake. The Flash and Superman gather a large number of fake treasures substituted for the real antiquities to cover their theft. Hawkman is able to measure a large enough radiation reading, from the gathered objects, to track the radiation back to it's source. The Batman, the Green Arrow, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman storm the master thief's lair. Using a device to animate matter, the criminal mastermind brings several statues to life, to battle against the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman is attacked by the statue of the Doodang, a creature pulled from storybooks.

Wonder Woman hurls the Doodang into a crevasse, imprisoning it. The Hawkman is attacked by the statue of the Monster of Leeds, a legendary creature said to have terrorized New Jersey. The Hawkman impales the Monster of Leeds on a pair of stalagmites. The Green Arrow is attacked by the statue of the Ring-Tailed Roarer, a half-horse, half-alligator monster from folklore. The Green Arrow repels the Ring-Tailed Roarer with fire. The Batman is attacked by the statues of Paul Bunyan, and his blue ox, Babe, American folklore figures. Using evasive maneuvers and martial arts, the Batman destroys the two statues. The Justice League of America chase down the master thief, and bring him to jusitce.

Back at the Secret Sanctuary, the Batman, the Green Arrow, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman all suddenly collapse into unconsciousness, while turning invisible. The weapon retrieved from the master thief proves to be little more than junk. The Atom, the Flash and Superman call on Hall for assistance. After providing the Justice League of America with another radiation tracer, Hall joins them on the case, as the Hawkgirl. Unbeknownst to the Justice League of America, Johnny Marbles intercepted the master thief, before the team could get to him, and replaced the thief's weapon with a prop. It is further revealed that Marbles is actually the one behind the thefts of the Justice League of America's gear, to put them on the hunt for the master thief.

With the Justice League of America doing all the legwork, all Marbles had to do was follow the team, to get his hands on the master thief's technology. The Atom, the Flash, the Hawkgirl and Superman storm Marbles lair. Marbles immobilizes them, with the master thief's weapon. Marbles sets the weapon to teleport all of the gold in Fort Knox, into Marbles' lair. Suddenly, the Hawkgirl's mace lashes out, disarming Marbles. The Hawkgirl subdues Marbles, and his minions. The radiation tracer the Hawkgirl was using to find Marbles, also absorbed the radiation from the master thief's weapon, neutralizing her immobility. Using the master thief's weapon, the radiation is neutralized from the affected members of the Justice League of America's bodies, restoring them to normal.


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