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    The final chapter of "JLA Omega" arrives as the World's Greatest Heroes and the Crime Syndicate struggle for survival. But the Syndicate's betrayal of their own pact results in a final, savage confrontation – and Ultraman does some betraying of his own! Can the JLA defeat Omega Man, the harbinger of death? Can they save the Crime Syndicate's world and the Tangent Universe? And in the midst of this war between good and evil, which side will Dark Supergirl choose?    

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    Who's Gonna Double Cross Who? 0

    It's the last chapter of the Omega storyline. Things aren't looking good for this incarnation of the JLA. Is there any way they can save the day (and planet?  The Good The issue begins with a bang. Donna Troy and Superwoman are fighting. We're not talking about a bitter exchange of words. They are going at it fist-to-fist. During this enjoyable bout, we are treated do a nice bit of inner dialogue from Donna. For the longest time she seems to have been simply going through the motions in comics. ...

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    Justice League of Adequacy 0

    The Good: Omega Man's face in the opening scene is so creepy because you just can't tell what he's thinking. Ultraman and Dark Supergirl are arguing over some stuff and Donna is being 'forced' to fight Super Woman, and Omega Man just FLOATS THERE. Omega Man has some more odd ominous inner thoughts.  A lot of things got properly explained. The dialogue for conversations between characters was usually pretty great. The sheer amount of over-the-top double crossing is pretty epic. I was genuinely su...

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    I don't get why people hate this! 0

    So many people hate this book but I think it's good! The wrighting was good the Art was well not as good as usual which lost it half of a point the other half was lost by the few diolouge problems. Good comic I  liked it. I don't know about anyone else but I am one of the Crime Syndacate's biggest fans but saw some missed oppertunity's with them not having an Ultragirl, Lucy Lane, Lady Quick, Emereld , Shadow-Talon, Spaceman, and Gorilla Bill(bad names I know except Shadow-Talon, Spaceman and Ul...

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