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    When awesome magical powers threaten Zatanna's, the Justice League of America comes to the rescue!

    Zatanna summons the Atom, the Batman, the Elongated Man, the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman to the Secret Sanctuary. Zatanna thanks the assembled heroes for their help in successfully locating her father, Zatara. Though each of the heroes, save for the Batman, had assisted Zatanna, individually, in the past, Zatara had not yet been found. Zatanna tells the tale. Still on a quest to locate her father, Zatanna discovered the Sword of Paracelsus, at an antique shop in Vienna.

    Sensing Zatara's mystic aura on the Sword of Paracelsus, Zatanna discovered a spirit, Allura, trapped within the sword. After gathering the proper mystic artifacts for the ritual, Zatanna released Allura from the Sword of Paracelsus. Allura inhabited Zatanna's body, transporting her to the land of Kharma. Upon arrival, Zatanna was immediately attacked by a horde of Belphagor beast-men. Unbeknownst to Zatanna, her every spell was being countered by her own father, Zatara.

    Zatanna conjured forth mystical duplicates of the Atom, the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, to aid her in the fight against the beast-men of Belphagor. With the heroes triumphant, Zatara summoned his nemesis, Amen-Hotep, to aid in keeping Zatanna from ever finding Zatara. Amen-Hotep confronted the four heroes, conjuring forth mythical Egyptian menaces to battle against them. With the heroes on the verge of defeat, Zatanna conjured forth mystical duplicates of the Batman and the Elongated Man, to aid in the fight.

    With the heroes on the verge of victory, the Batman suddenly had a revelation. The Batman deduced that a mystic ritual was in play, based on the presence of bells, parchment and a candle. The Batman convinced the Justice League of America, and the Elongated Man, to cease hostilities, and allow their foes to take Zatanna. The spirit of Allura was exorcised from Zatanna's body, and forced to confront her benevolent twin. After an epic battle, the good Allura triumphed over her evil twin.

    Allura forces her evil twin to recant a curse placed on Zatara. Only then does Zatara reveal himself to his daughter, Zatanna. Allura's curse would have slain both Zatanna and Zatara, should they ever lay eyes upon one another again. To prevent such a terrible fate, Zatara removed himself from the Earthly realm, to take up residence in Kharma. Zatara enlisted the aid of the benevolent Allura, then left clues to lead Zatanna to Kharma, where the two Alluras would be forced to face one another. Father and daughter happily reunited, Zatara himself appears in the Secret Sanctuary, to personally thank the heroes for all their help.



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    This issue has one of the most misleading covers that I have seen. The story within contains the end of the drawn out story of Zatanna searching for her father, and the manner in which is plays out is pretty bizarre. With solo efforts thus far involving Hawkman, the Elongated Man, the Atom, Green Lantern and (retroactively) Batman, this may end up being the worst of the stories. The setup is not bad, at least once past the first few pages, as Zatanna goes to find an enchanted sword. An enti...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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