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    Can the Justice League of America stop a foe that posseses the greatest array of war weapons since the beginning and end of time?

    Having finished a tour of duty in Vietnam, Sergeant Eddie Brent is returning to a hero's welcome, in Gotham City. Upon arrival at the station, the train conductor wildly claims that Brent robbed the train. Brent's family is crestfallen. Millionaire philanthropist, Bruce Wayne, and his young ward, Dick Grayson, investigate the crime, as the Batman and Robin. The Batman and Robin track Brent back to an abandoned manse, on the Gotham River. Brandishing futuristic weaponry, Brent manages to subdue the Caped Crusaders. Brent is revealed to be under the sway of the Lord Of Time.

    The Lord of Time tasks Brent with retrieving a time lock and an ageless fossil. The Lord Of Time bestows upon Brent the power to overcome the Justice League of America, should they interfere in Brent's thefts. Having learned of the Lord of Time's involvement in the case, the Batman summons the Justice League of America. Though not a member, Robin insists on staying on the case. Wonder Woman, the Batman and Robin confront Brent, at the Gotham City Bank. The Batman lands a haymaker blow on Brent's face, but it is the Boy Wonder who takes the hit.

    Wonder Woman binds Brent with her Lasso of Truth, only to find herself bound instead. No matter what fighting tactic the heroes use against Brent, their attacks are always turned back against them. Brent uses one of the Lord of Time's weapons to physically take over Wonder Woman's body, forcing her to battle against the Dynamic Duo. Noticing a sparking aura around the Amazon Princess, the Caped Crusaders grab Wonder Woman, and hurl her into Brent, finally landing a blow on him. Brent counters with a weapon that cancels gravity's hold on the heroes, leaving them bobbing about on the ceiling, while Brent escapes with the time lock.

    At the museum, Aquaman takes the ageless fossil, and hides it beneath the sea. Brent teleports into the museum, only to be confronted by the Green Arrow and the Flash. The Flash speeds up the Green Arrow's attacks, so that the arrows are hitting Brent too swiftly for his defensive aura to protect him. Brent counters with a weapon that attracts all the other relics, housed in the museum, to the Flash and the Green Arrow. Brent confronts Aquaman. The Sea King commands electric eels to attack Brent. The marine creatures' electric assault is transferred to Aquaman.

    On the verge of unconsciousness, Aquaman commands a giant crab to grab Brent in it's claw. Brent counters with a weapon that transmutes the crustacean's claw into soft putty. The Justice League of America re-assembles. The Batman tracks the unique radiation, emitted by the ageless fossil, back to the Lord of Time's lair. The Justice League of America storm the Lord Of Time's operations center. The Lord of Time fires on the Justice League of America. Brent leaps in the way, taking the deadly shot in their stead. The Justice League of America, and Robin, the Boy Wonder mercilessly beat the Lord Of Time into unconsciousness.

    Brent had hoped that the defensive aura the Lord of Time had given him would turn the Lord of Time's weapon back on him. Throughout his encounters with the Justice League of America, however, the defensive aura was gradually losing strength. There was just as good a chance that Brent would have been killed outright by the Lord of Time's weapon. The Justice League of America is impressed with Brent's heroic sacrifice. The Justice League of America assemble at a ceremony honoring Brent, where he is given a medal for his service to his country.


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