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    Jade is plagued by the remnants of the Black Lantern, and Dr. Impossible and his group's machinations unleash the Crime Syndicate upon the JLA's Earth as BRIGHTEST DAY continues shining! What are their true plans? And can the World's Greatest Heroes handle these evil incarnations – or is the entire Multiverse doomed?


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    Review: Justice League of America #50 0

    The Crime Syndicate's arrival heralds a new bout of multiversal conflict that already includes the Tangent universe and a batch of alter-reality New Gods. The Good I'll hand it to Robinson. I was getting concerned that the CSA's plans here were going to contradict the point of the Earth 2 OGN. So I was quite relieved by the fact that they not only remember the nullifying power of Earth 1, they've also taken what they learned to forge an even scarier plan. This issue also ends with one hell of a...

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    JLA VS CSA in a multiverse confrontation 0

         First off lets marvel that we are reading issue 50 of this current volume and its lovely cover by Ethan Van Sciver.....ok that done now onward to the review.   James Robinson has been a bit uneven on his run with this current lineup of hero's.  The book at times seems overly filled with "we're in the JLA" moments.  Which this issue does have a brief fore ray into again but it was brief.  I like the character moments but their shock of being in the group needs to end.  The opening scene,...

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    JLA vs. CSA 0

    The Good: Crime Syndicate. They are a seriously awesome and incredibly interesting group of characters who are severely underused. They avoid all the classic 'evil counterpart' cliches, and can be really interesting characters on their own. Seriously, DC needs to make a CSA ongoing series. that's be really interesting. Earth 2 continuity is observed. Owlman reminds Super Woman of the fact that they can't win; and everyone is written very well. There's a whole lot of nice little touches. We get t...

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