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    The BRIGHTEST DAY continues with a shocking connection to the White Light in part five of the JLA/ JSA crossover! It's the grand finale of this team-up, and it's chock-full of revelations as the greatest threat to the Earth may not be Alan Scott or the chaotic energy of the Starheart, but one of the other members! Plus, don't miss the second feature starring Cyborg, whose goal of restoring Red Tornado's body becomes a battle to save the android's sanity as the madness of the Starheart engulfs them.


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    All dark things must come to an end. 0

    Story: It is the end of Dark Things. It is Alan, Obsidian/Jade versus JLA and JSA. Power Girl and Supergirl are with Mr. Terrific. Mr. Terrific discovers that the starheart has been working through the sun and that is why Power Girl and all the metas and humans were affected by it. Dr. Mid-Nite returns the gem to Starman. The battle rages on with the teams and then all of a sudden something happens to Obsidian/Jade. The separate and Jade becomes a white lantern. Jade is told by the white lantern...

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    Is it worth it? 0

    Seriously, Robinson has a great story planed out for this crosssover, and turns it into this!? I read all five issues of this crossover(sans JSA #42), hopng that it would be worth while, and then I saw a preview of JSA #42, with what I think is singlehandedly one of the worst ieads in modern comics, the morphing of Jade and Obsidian into one big crazy creature!   Story The story starts off with the return of Alan Scott. I'm guessing the Starheart morphed Jade and Obsidian together, and they're(i...

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    Review: Justice League of America #48 0

    Catharsis is reached in this JLA/JSA crossover as Jade manages to wrest Alan Scott, Obsidian and herself from the Starheart's control, thus satisfying her White Lantern labor.  The Good   It's fun to see how this book's been guiding some of the lingering ramifications of Brightest Day. I didn't quite understand what Jade's Eclipso-style joining with Obsidian entails, nor what the White Lantern's riddle entails - - I'm probably not supposed to, yet - - but I could get behind the emotional drama o...

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