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The Hawkman pursues an armored truck through a dense fog. Emerging through the fog, the Hawkman suddenly finds himself in pursuit of an armored car. The Hawkman subdues the would-be robbers. The Sandman pursues an armored car through a dense fog. Emerging through the fog, the Sandman suddenly finds himself in pursuit of an armored truck. The Sandman subdues the would-be robbers. Doctor Mid-Nite confronts a trio of bank robbers. Suddenly, Doctor Mid-Nite begins whirling around at super-human speed. The next moment, Doctor Mid-NIte finds himself grappling with the Flash. The Batman drops tear gas on a gang of crooks.

As the gas clears, the Batman finds himself actually battling against the Wildcat, instead of the crooks. Citizens of both Earth-1 and Earth-2 begin inexplicably shifting worlds. The Black Canary is found wandering in a swamp by the Silver Age Green Lantern. The Spectre is drawn to the dimensional void between Earth-1 and Earth-2. Solomon Grundy escapes his confinement. The Silver Age Green Lantern brings the Black Canary back to the Secret Sanctuary of the Justice League of America, where the Hawkman, the Flash, and Doctor Mid-nite have already assembled. Solomon Grundy, searching for the Golden Age Green Lantern, goes on a rampage.

The Blockbuster vanishes from the Alfred Memorial Foundation.The Blockbuster reappears on Earth-2. Physicist Ray Palmer finds that he cannot activate the powers he uses, as the Atom. The Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, confront Solomon Grundy. Solomon Grundy's intense hatred of the Golden Age Green Lantern transfers to the Silver Age Green Lantern. Long exposure to Doctor Fate's magic has endowed Solomon Grundy with inexplicable powers. Ultimately, the combined powers of the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, overwhelm Solomon Grundy.

The Silver Age Green Lantern entombs Solomon Grundy within a mountain. The Spectre comes face-to-face with the Anti-Matter Man. After a brief confrontation, which leaves the Spectre horribly deformed, the Anti-Matter Man continues walking towards the twin Earths. Seeing Earth-1 and Earth-2 slowly being drawn together, the Spectre stretches his form out between the two worlds, and physically holds them apart. The Blockbuster goes on a rampage. The Justice Society of America, and the Batman, confront the Blockbuster. The Batman removes his mask, to subdue the Blockbuster. The Blockbuster, however, punches the Wildcat into the Batman, rendering them both unconscious.

The Blockbuster makes short work of the Sandman and Doctor Fate, before the Batman can recover. Finally, the Batman is able to get the Blockbuster to focus on his unmasked face. The Batman's secret identity, that of millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne, is the only man the Blockbuster trusts and considers a friend. Seeing Wayne's face instantly calms the Blockbuster, who ends all hostilities. Unbeknownst to the heroes of both worlds, the power of the Spectre is the only thing keeping both Earths from a catastrophic collision. To make matters much worse, the Anti-Matter Man is fast approaching.


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