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    A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Supergirl rejoins the JLA as incredible, ancient forces of chaos are unleashed. What could posses her and Power Girl to battle to the death? And what horrors await the rest of the Justice League and Justice Society in this prologue to "The Ghosts of Earth and Space"?!


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    What exactly is the Starheart? 0

    What exactly is the Starheart, and could this mean the return of Alan Scott?   The Good James Robinson successfully meshes the Justice League characters with members of the Justice Society in this issue. The two teams are well represented and interact well with one another. Robinson draws on elements such as the " Starheart" and incorporates them into the storyline virtually effortlessly. I found myself thinking that the writer must have had new r...

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    Imgaine fighting yourself from another earth. 0

      Story This issue starts where we left off from last week's issue. The JSA is really unsure of whether Alan is alive or dead. Jade is very angry upon her return in the starheart. The JSA is taking Alan somewhere until their plane is destroyed by Powergirl flying beyond super speed. They land right where the JLA is and Powergirl is headed towards them ready to fight, but when Supergirl arrives there is a massive show down between Powergirl and Supergirl. Bill called Supergirl over because he kne...

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    Awesome x3! 0

    I always liked Jade of Infinity Inc., but she was never one of my top favorites DC characters. I did, however, enjoy the romantic  triangle between my favorite heroine, Donna Troy, favorite Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and herself. Eventually I grew to love the idea of Kyle and Jade (Jennifer-Lynne Hayden) as a couple, but tragically Jenni-Lynne was killed in the Infinite Crisis. But Jade has returned and whats' more, her return to Earth has sparked another reunion between the Ju...

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