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Andrew Helm creates a machine intended to create world peace, but which malfunctions and causes evil!

A family of American explorers are attacked, by marauding bandits, outside the invisible city of Ta Ming. The bandits murder the parents, and leave the son, Andrew Helm, to die. Helm is rescued by the citizens of Ta Ming. By chance, the bandit chieftain, Chung Ka, catches a glimpse of the fabled Golden City, before it's invisibility screen is restored. Helm grows up in Ta Ming, and learns all that they have to teach. Seventeen years later, Chung Ka storms Ta Ming, slaughtering all of it's inhabitants, while stealing the city's riches. Helm is the only survivor. Helm spends the rest of his life using the teachings of Ta Ming to create a Corti-Conscience Machine. Using the device, Helm intends to give all of mankind a conscience.

After activating the machine, Helm travels the world, in his astral body, to see the effects the machine is having on humanity. In Central City, Helm spies the Flash battling against the Mirror Master and the Shark. In the midst of combat, the Mirror Master suddenly sees the error of his ways, and joins the Flash, in combating the Shark. Moments later, the Shark, too, repents his criminal ways. Helm next bears witness to a Caribbean dictator who, at the last moment, decides not to bombard America with missiles. In Gotham City, Helm spies the Batman battling against the Penguin and Captain Cold. In the midst of combat, the Penguin suddenly sees the error of his ways, and joins the Batman, in combating Captain Cold. Moments later, Captain Cold, too, repents his criminal ways.

In the Secret Sanctuary, the Justice League of America assemble to discuss the sudden change in the world. The Corti-Conscience Machine has made the world a better place. Helm suddenly realizes that his astral form has been away from his physical body for too long. Helm races back across the world to re-enter his corporeal form, but it's too late. Helm's physical body has died, trapping Helm, for eternity, in his astral form. Unable to physically operate the Corti-Conscience Machine, Helm watches, helplessly, as it's radiations build up to critical mass. All at once, the world's population descends into chaos. Superman rallies the Justice League of America into action, only to discover that the entire team is content to allow the world to suffer.

Using the Green Lantern's power ring, Superman shields the Justice League of America from the radioactive influence of the Corti-Conscience Machine, restoring their normal behavior. Superman, the Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman head out into the world, to quell the worst outbreaks of violence. The Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman track the radiation waves back to Helm's invisible island headquarters. The Justice League of America assembles at the source of the radiation, but none can actually find Helm's island. Aquaman sees a pod of dolphins swimming in a strange formation. From the dolphins, Aquaman learns of the existence of Helm's invisible island. The Green Lantern uses his power ring to make the island visible.

The shield protecting the island, however, is too powerful for the Justice League of America to penetrate. The Flash matches his internal vibrations to that of the shield, allowing the Justice League of America to pass through him, and onto the island. Almost immediately, the individual members of the team are attacked by a myriad of creatures, each specifically designed to defeat them. Communicating with a flock of birds, the Hawkman learns that the threats are entirely illusory. Entering Helm's home, the Justice League of America deactivate the Corti-Conscience Machine, restoring the world to it's prior state, before Helm tried to turn it into a Utopia. The Justice League of America philosophize over the situation, agreeing that each man must learn to develop a conscience on his own.


  • Jesus Christ, Moses, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed cameo headshots.

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