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The Demons Three creates duplicates of JLA villains in an effort to get the JLA to release them from their imprisonment.

Police scientist Barry Allen triggers the release on his Flash costume ring, only to discover his costume is missing. At that moment, the empty costumes of Aquaman, the Batman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are attempting to free the Demons Three, from their imprisonment. The dark sorcery animating the costumes, however, proves too weak to effect their release. The Demons Three switch tactics. The empty uniforms are sent to a police evidence room, where they transfer sorcerous energy into the empty costumes of Dagon, Doctor Polaris, the Killer Moth, the Mask, and the Pied Piper. Suddenly, the villains themselves appear within their costumes.

At the Secret Sanctuary, the Justice League of America discuss their missing costumes. A radio bulletin informs them of a crime spree being carried out by the five villains. The Justice League of America head out to meet the threat. Confronting the villains, the Justice League of America split up to battle against their own individual foes. Aquaman triumphs over Dagon. The Flash defeats the Pied Piper. Wonder Woman overcomes the Mask. The Batman beats down the Killer Moth. The Green Lantern lays out Doctor Polaris. During the course of their epic battle, the Justice league of America's individual costumes were tattered and torn.

The team briefly break to put on fresh uniforms... the very uniforms enchanted by the magics of the Demons Three...before returning to the Secret Sanctuary. A radio bulletin informs them that, while they were battling against their enemies, the criminals themselves were also all accounted for, in jail. The radio report further informs the Justice League of America that the villains they just defeated have already escaped. The Justice League of America confront their foes once again. This time, though, as they attack, the villains vanish, leaving behind their animated uniforms. A pitched battle ensues, with the Justice League of America finding it extremely difficult to defeat empty suits.

Ultimately, the Justice League of America is triumphant. With the battle ended, the Justice League of America's attention is drawn to the arrival of the Red Jar of Calythos, the Green Bell of Uthool, and the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath. The three mystic objects are the only items in the universe that can free the Demons Three from their imprisonment. The residual enchantment in their uniforms compels the Justice League of America to seek out the Demons Three, and use the magic object to release them. The Demons Three place the Justice League of America into their prisons, then travel to the Secret Sanctuary to deal with the rest of the team.

Upon arrival, though, the Demons Three vanish, returning to their prisons, while the Justice League of America appears in their place. The Green Lantern placed a failsafe on the magic objects so that if they were ever used to release the Demons Three, the objects would first momentarily vanish, then return the Demons Three to their prisons. The failsafe would also magically transport the Justice League of America to wherever the Demons Three were, so that the Justice League of America could deal with whatever damage the Demons Three wrought, while they were free. With the Demons Three once more imprisoned, the three magic artifacts are returned to the trophy room.


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