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Five JLAers see their own defeats in their dreams.

In a shared dream, the Batman and the Hawkman are in conflict with the Joker and Chac. A mysterious ring appears on the Batman's finger, granting him the power of super-human speed. Simultaneously, a pair of mysterious gloves appear on the Hawkman's hands, neutralizing his wings, but allowing him to still fly by flapping his arms. The Batman quickly learns to master his newfound speed, and brings down the Joker. The Hawkman is in dire straights at first, in his battle with Chac. Ultimately, the Hawkman turns his disadvantage into a strength, and triumphs over Chac.

In a dream, Superman becomes aware of an enormous metal soldier rampaging through Europe. Superman engages the giant warrior, only to find a mysterious pair of glasses appear on his face. Superman quickly discovers that the glasses make him immune to Kryptonite. Unfortunately, the glasses also make Superman vulnerable to both fire and the color yellow. Superman prevails be sealing the metal warrior back in the sarcophagus it escaped from. In a shared dream, Wonder Woman and the Atom find themselves pitted against a giant conch shell, whose deep roaring is generating tidal waves.

A mysterious jeweled mask appears on Wonder Woman's face, which broadcasts her every thought. Simultaneously, a helmet with an antenna settles on the Atom's head. The Atom gains the power of telescopic vision, but loses his ability to see anything that isn't at least one hundred miles away. With the mask telegraphing Wonder Woman's strategy to the conch shell, she is unable to outmaneuver it. When a second giant shell appears, the Atom pushes his telescopic vision to the limit, actually seeing all the way around the world. In this way, the Atom is able to assist Wonder Woman is lassoing the two shells together.

The Justice League of America meet up with Snapper Carr, at the Secret Sanctuary. Carr is upset that the Justice League of America has not told them about their latest adventure. When the team declares that they have no new adventure to share, Carr points out the ring, gloves, glasses, mask, and helmet hanging in the trophy room. The Justice League of America is perplexed at the appearance of these items from their dreams. Before they can investigate the mystery, radio reports come in, regarding threats from the Joker, Chac, a giant iron warrior, and a giant conch shell.

The Justice League of America split up to take on the threats, just like in their dreams. Only Carr notices the dream items fly out of the trophy room, and pursue the Justice League of America. Miles away, in a prison cell, Doctor Destiny is roused from his slumber. Doctor Destiny has managed to recreate his Matrerioptikon in his dreams, and is using it in his latest bid to destroy the Justice League of America. After the guards leave him, Doctor Destiny returns to sleep. Once more, Superman faces the metal giant. Once more, the glasses appear on his face.

Superman immediately tries to seal the giant back in it's sarcophagus, but this time, the giant shatters it's former tomb. Once more, the Batman and the Hawkman confront the Joker and Chac. Once more, the ring and gloves appears on each respective hero. The Batman and the Hawkman also try to use the same tactics that succeeded in their dreams, only to meet with folly. Once more, Wonder Woman and the Atom confront the giant conch shell. Once more, the mask and helmet appears on each respective hero. Using his telescopic vision, the Atom sees that the dream strategies of his fellow Justice League of America members have met with failure.

The Atom and Wonder Woman devise a new strategy, one that allows Wonder Woman to shatter the shells. No longer vulnerable to Kryptonite, Superman coats his body in the powdered remains of the shattered kryptonite meteor the metal warrior used against him. The Kryptonite dust provides Superman with insulation against the flames surrounding him. With one mighty punch, Superman defeats the metal giant. Batman uses his super-human speed to set up a counter vibratory wave to block Chac's attack on the Hawkman.

The Hawkman beats Chac into unconsciousness, then frees the Batman from the Joker's trap. The Hawkman chases the Joker down, then steps aside to let the Batman deal with his own arch-enemy. The Justice League of America realize that their true foe is Doctor Destiny. Arriving at the prison, the Justice League of America confront Doctor Destiny in his cell. The Hawkman throws the Atom at Doctor Destiny. The Atom's punch knocks Doctor Destiny unconscious. With the loss of consciousness, Doctor Destiny's dream items disappear. Back at the Secret Sanctuary, Carr writes up the latest adventure of the Justice League of America.


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